Pisces, the Fishes

Spring’s almost here, daylight’s increasing, daffodils, dandelions and pear trees are blooming. And we humans, following the circadian cycles, are beginning to bloom and increase in light, too. Esotericists worldwide are preparing for the Three Spring Solar Festivals (Aries, Taurus and Gemini). Many, with the Hierarchy, began preparations at Winter Solstice for Wesak, the Buddha Full Moon Taurus festival (April 21/22).

We are nearing the end of Pisces the fishes, last sign of the zodiac. During Pisces we can be sensitive to everything and everyone. Often we don’t know the source or cause of the sensitivity. Our solar plexus and emotional natures can be wide open allowing every random energy to affect us. We often need to create boundaries, go into retreat or solitude. Or sleep a lot to bring some clearing to our canary-in-the-coal-mine state. Often, entering into a “low time”, Pisces must withdraw, gather the self together again. Pisces often seeks the fires of Aires, steadfastness of Taurus, order of Virgo and the structures of Capricorn. From these signs Pisces, often veiled, learns new things. Who knows a Pisces? We must be careful with them (the fishes). They can feel sensitive to & threatened by social limitations, criticisms, censure and judgments. They must swim away, hide behind ferns for protection, seeking safety, shelter, harbor and refuge. Never to be seen again.

There is a band, a golden thread, connecting the two Pisces fish. It links the two fishes together creating a bridge between personality (form) and Soul & then Soul to the Father. Linking the Mother (Mater, matter) with the Father (Spirit), the holy child (each of us) in between. The three are actually One, forming a triangle, the foundational structure of all matter (says Bucky Fuller). Note: Daylight Savings Time begins Sunday morning, 2am; turning our clocks forward…we “spring forth!”

ARIES: Your new year begins soon, Ari. For now though and in preparation it’s important to consider and contemplate upon solitude and silence doe you are in the womb of time, ready to be born again. It will be a new season for you, on a higher level, when spring begins (March 19/20). But first what occurred for you during the solar eclipse? Something vital about you changed.

TAURUS: It’s important to share with us the new and far-reaching facts about health you’re presently learning. You are to socialize in groups, lead them to greater challenges that open their minds. You are to make connections within all the disciplines, thinking through ideas that save humanity. You are to provide others with Uranian revelations from the future. Unveiling the moon for them.

GEMINI: In the coming months you will ponder deep upon your position in the world, your profession, how you’re being of service and recognized for your gifts. There may be changes with work along with assessments of your personal and intimate relationship(s). Make peace with the mother, your mother, any type of mothering. In doing so you will need to be a nurturing mother.

CANCER: It’s important to prepare mentally for an important project or experience happening in the future. Perhaps it’s a long journey, perhaps a move, a change of profession or a call somewhere far away that you must respond to. Something new is occurring in your environment. You’re organizing, ordering, cleaning, eliminating, giving away. This too is a preparation for what occurs in your future. Good work!

LEO: It’s as if the underworld has surfaced, appearing into your life. All things hidden in the twilight of your feelings will soon begin to emerge. They are seeking the Light, tired of being in darkness, weary of being imprisoned. Doors open to not only deep feelings and remembrances of past relationships but money and resources come into the mix too. And self-identity. And journeys. You’re busy!

VIRGO: Love and issues of intimacy come forth all of a sudden and sometimes you feel speechless, tumbling about with thoughts on relationships past and present. Relationships may erupt like volcanoes or shift into new dimensions. Careful of wounding others, of bringing up too much of the past and of generally talking too much. Use your Virgo powers of observation to assess what is Right Action.

LIBRA: The stars say it’s time to restructure your work, ways of rest, eating, caring for the self and all things that occur in your daily life. There has been a wound or limitation or an imbalance you’ve been coping with. Now you can begin to restore balance and harmony to what has been a daily difficulty. Spring’s beauty revitalizes you. What will you plant, gather and offer others for Easter this year?

SCORPIO: You’re supposed to have a month of fun, of things expansive and good, opportunities at work, and new experiences in your personal life. Just be a bit careful of the money part. For now. Saturn, the discipline in our lives, has set up housekeeping in your house of finances. He’ll be there for two plus years. Saturn says, “Tithe first, save second, spend on your needs third.” Can (will) you do this? It will “save” you.

SAGITTARIUS: A feeling of courage is returning to your body. A sense of having landed after a long time of feeling unharbored. It seemed you journeyed in an ark you built by hand. You came and went, here and there. Now you’re a bit more settled. Seven heavenly lights are in your sphere of home. So you’re setting up house once again. You will trust, be happy and believe in yourself again. It’s a good time.

CAPRICORN: Something might be happening in your neighborhood. All the planets are lined up in your house of communication, study, of siblings (you said you missed them) and your neighborhood. New and unusual ideas may continue to stream or even crash through your mind. You may need to take notes. You feel restless, yes? What Uranian changes are you considering? The garden’s quiet reflection calls to you.

AQUARIUS: Everything money is coming up. So tend to resources very carefully. Know exactly what (money) you have, what goes out and what comes in. Bring safety into the care of yourself. Mars is out and about in your house of friends. Mars can have an attitude, be harsh, abrasive, angry. Be aware of not adapting these behaviors. If others do towards you, walk quietly away. Don’t provoke.

PISCES: Eclipses bring forth changes in our inner and outer worlds. Their influence lasts for six months – three months before and three after. Something may have occurred in your self-identity. And some new things may still continue to occur. Solar eclipses signify major endings so new beginnings can stream forth. Observe your life. Pisces is the Alpha in the Omega. Think on this, Pisces.

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