Seasons of Opportunity

Everything in our world has a specific time (a season) in which to accomplish a specific work. A “season” that begins (opportunity) and ends (time’s up). I can feel the season’s changing. The leaves turning brown, the air cooler, sunbeams casting shadows in different places. It feels like a seasonal; change has begun in the Northern Hemisphere. Leaves changing colors. Christmas in four months. 2015 swiftly speeding by. Soon it will be autumn & the many Festivals of Light. Each season offers new opportunities. Then the season ends and new season take its place.

Humanity, too, is given “season’s” of opportunity. We are in one of those opportunity times now. To bring something new (Uranus) into our world, especially in the United States. Times of opportunity can be seen in the astrology chart. In the U.S. chart, Uranus (change) joins Chiron (wound/healing). This symbolizes a need to heal the wounds of humanity. Uranus offers new archetypes, new ways of doing things. The Uranus/Chiron (Aries/Pisces) message is, “The people of the U.S. are suffering. New actions are needed to bring healing and well-being to humanity. So the U.S. can fulfill its spiritual task of, “Standing within the Light & leading humanity within & toward the Light.”

Thursday, Aquarius Moon, Mercury enters Libra. The message – “To bring forth the new order in the world, begin with acts of Goodwill.” Goodwill produces Right Relations with everyone and everything. The result is a world of progressive well-being and peacefulness (which is neither passive or the opposite of war).

Saturday is the full moon, the solar Light of Virgo streaming into the Earth. Our waiting now begins. For the birth of new light at Winter Solstice. The Mother (hiding the Light of the Soul, the holy child), identifying the Feminine Principle, says, “I am the Mother & the Child. I, God (Father), I Matter (Mother), We are One.”

ARIES: Careful with love and all interactions with intimates, loved ones, those close to you, partners, etc. You (or they) may feel estranged, separate, unloved, uncared for, seeking contact (which releases Love) and magnetic charms you can radiate upon what you love. We are to “be of love a little more careful than of anything.” (poet e.e. cummings). See to this each moment.

TAURUS: Each day may feel (and is) more difficult. You might experience tiredness, exhaustion, pain, discomfort. There’s a need to tend to health and well-being. Choices made in the past five to ten years need re-assessing. What are the consequences of these choices and should you make new ones (assessed during the retrogrades)? It’s good to ponder upon what Path you’re on. Some one waits and waits.

GEMINI: Do you recognize what your creativity? The creative process occurs when aligned with the Soul. We begin to develop a deeper imagination”, like yet unlike that of Pisces. This type of imagination has hope for the future along with understanding the present day crisis humanity faces. During the retrogrades (two retrogrades – Venus then Mercury, both Gemini rulers), ponder upon the present world situations, your position in groups & your service to humanity.

CANCER: Since you nourish new ideas that must come into form and matter, perhaps you can begin to help humanity envision a new and vibrant way of life. Not the old materialism as we have known it, but the new materialism that responds to world/humanity’s need through Sharing. This is Soul work. The Soul for Cancer is a diffused light working in the womb of matter. You are that light.

LEO: I’m wondering is there’s a lamentation for things that occurred in the family long ago. Perhaps there’s a lament for one or more family deaths. It would be good to express yourself more in depth about these things. The more your share the more that’s hidden within emerges allowing a greater sense of and trust in self. This is healing for you. And liberating. Your mask to be removed.

VIRGO: Mirrors are good to look into them. They help us ponder upon our identity. It’s good to assess and re-assess everything about yourself including what you value. Create an “I Value” journal. Set it alongside your “Retrograde” and “Esoteric quotes” journals. Back to values. Write down everything you value. Begin with yourself and everything you love in your in life.

LIBRA: When you think of your life as a child, what do you remember? What successful areas in your life can be traced back to what you were taught and given as a child? What beliefs do you carry in your life based upon anger and resistance? How to you see your parents? Do you know and understand the 4th Commandment, a serious spiritual law? Do you have forgiveness?

SCORPIO: Questions. What do you think of the present materialistic (read destructive) forces working within our dominant culture? Do you explore or encounter new ways of being that undermine the materialism and manipulations within our culture? Why am I asking you these questions? Because you understand the underbelly (things hidden) of everything. And because, through you, everything reorients toward the light.

SAGITTARIUS: I am suggesting a book and author to you. “Can you Hear Me Now?” by Michael Eric Dyson This author understands God and popular culture both black and white. He wrote, “Before I wanted to write the world, I wanted to ‘right’ it.” He brings awareness to culture, race and gender. He’s brilliant, an intellectual. He’s a cultural critic. You are, too.

CAPRICORN: You’re on the brink, edge, precipice, border, boundary, periphery, perimeter of being heard and moving into the center of everyone’s world. This is both exciting and terrifying. You’ve tried to open many doors and often felt they were closed. Now as they open gradually, you peek inside, realizing the choices to enter or return home. At home, you rest, remember, retreat, reassess and review who you are. Revelations happen.

AQUARIUS: You feel many things holding you back from being safe, settled and secure. This is a time in your life when values are shifting and changing. A wound is activated. You experience cruelty from some people. It’s shocking at times. You must adapt, go with the flow, move into new territories, have faith, speak with the Devas (Beings of Light, Angels) concerning anything you need. They will help you. Remember your childhood. Ask everyone for help.

PISCES: You’re tired of the old ways of doing & being. You want change, freedom. However you can’t quite find your way. You remember to stand still, quietly and in truth, within your own values and needs. Not just wants, but needs. It seems you’ve stopped praying, bordering on having no hope. Sometimes we must do that. Visualize something lovely coming your way. Embrace it. And drive away.

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