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University Libraries Open the Digital Ozark Folksong Collection

University Libraries and the Special Collections Department will officially open the digital Ozark Folksong Collection this Friday, Aug. 28, in Mullins Library.


Fayetteville Roots Fest Keeps Growing

What started out as a small event of folk musician friends at Greenhouse Grille for a day has grown to become a successful urban festival that showcases some of the best of Fayetteville has to offer.

Legacy Archive

The Weekly Lowdown: Civil Rights Ordinance Early Voting Starts Sept. 1

Well we’re here, Fayetteville. It’s time to vote again and decide the rights of LGBT people in Fayetteville.

Making Ripples

Same-sex Couples in Nature

At least 450 species of animals, including dolphins, bonobos, penguins, giraffes, koalas, flamingos, bison, guppies, albatross, bighorn sheep, ostriches, guppies, and yes – butterflies too – have been observed creating same-sex pairings in the wild.

Advice Risa's Astrology

Seasons of Opportunity

Everything in our world has a specific time (a season) in which to accomplish a specific work. A “season” that begins (opportunity) and ends (time’s up).


The Issue Goes Beyond Jared

What most people, though, don’t realize is that long after Jared goes into his jail cell and this case is replaced by another, these children – though they will receive counseling, etc., will live with this until they are six feet under.


The “Upcoming” Election

Turn on your televisions as of late and all you’ll see from the news pundits are talking information about the GOP debates, as well as how the Clinton campaign is handling itself.

Advice Advice Goddess

Wait Lifting: On Moving A Relationship Further

Try to think of this as artisanal dating. Maybe he’s finished building the bed out of antique Popsicle sticks but his carpal tunnel kicked in while he was killing the flock of ducks for the mattress or spinning the cotton for the sheets.

Cover Story

The Art of Imperfection: Luthier Builds Instruments by Hand

With each rapid scuff to the sitka spruce arch top guitar, the luthier wipes away the fluffy-looking wood shavings with a brush of his rugged, calloused hand.