The Secret Life of Virgo

Careful on Thursday. We could stumble, wound, hurt, be unaware, have revelations that create a revolution. Mercury the messenger interacts with Chiron (wounds seeking healing) and Uranus (the unusual, apocryphal, revelatory thoughts leading to revolutionary actions). Scorpio Moon Thursday. Be aware of mysteries, secrets and hidden agendas.

Friday, the Sun in Leo (its last days in Leo) squares Saturn in Scorpio. We are to be aware of rules, creating needed boundaries in our lives, following directions, listening to the Teacher (the Soul).

Saturday, the last Leo Sun day, we may be confused, in a dream, steering our ships to destinations unknown. Direction appears late afternoon. Sunday, before dawn, Sun enters Virgo. The Virgin appears, pregnant with new realities, the Soul, the new Kingdom on Earth. Virgo spreads her cape over the world, protecting humanity and Earth’s kingdoms, “nurturing & nourishing the little ones.” In Virgo, two lights are seen – one is bright & strong. This is the light of form (outer reality). Virgo is an earth sign. The other light is faint and dim (inner spiritual reality) – the light of Spirit, the holy child, gestating in Virgo’s womb. One light (Spirit) is waxing, the other (form) waning. Virgo gives birth at Winter Solstice.

There is always a stirring and a quickening within Virgo. A purity, a preparation, a grace seeking its rightful place in the material world, aspiring always to serve and fulfill its life task, go perform right functions when needed. Virgo works with the Devas, Angels & Archangels, great Beings of Light. Virgo’s spiritual task is to “protect the Light.” This is the light of the Soul, the light within each of us, the light of the angels. These are the hidden tasks and secrets of Virgo.

ARIES: Everything concerning daily life is evaluated. You look at your life, environment, those around you and assess better ways of responding. You realize what must be altered, different behaviors and their consequences for the good. Careful communicating with coworkers. Be clear, precise and detailed. Consider your health, diet, fitness, exercise and ways to increase vitality each day. Stand barefooted on the Earth.

TAURUS: Interesting situations and unusual communications may occur with everyone expressing their creative individuality. Unresolved issues in relationships reappear. These issues must be dealt with or there will be a dissolving and dissolution within all relationships. Try to hear the essential message in all communications. Don’t defend. Listen carefully for the heart of the matter.

GEMINI: Everything concerning home, family, nurturing, things domestic and foundation need careful assessment and perspective. Make no important decisions unless an emergency occurs. Remember everyone, friends and family, is experiencing the present intense astrological transits. However, everyone’ is experiencing them differently. Use your Gemini observing mind to recognize the differences. You remember to be non-judgmental and kind. Practicing “ahimsa.”

CANCER: Cancer (the crab), circles a situation from every direction before arriving at the center. Wary of their prey, Cancer doesn’t walk a direct line to anything. Thus they have a very developed intuition. Sometimes that intuition is not as alert as usual. Care is needed with communications now. Past memories may appear. You seek a place called home. Sometimes forgetfulness protects and saves you. Walk everywhere with care.

LEO: How is your financial situation? Do not create any great waves in your financial picture. Be careful of over-spending, over-valuing. No loans (given or applied for) at this time. Review finances, create new budgets (applied after three weeks), assess inflow/outflow, and if everything monetary is proceeding as planned or needs changing. Include a list of your values. And don’t forget to tithe.

VIRGO: Are you feeling unable to communicate feelings? During upcoming weeks and months you’re very internally focused, your mind assessing all aspects of the self – who you are, what you do each day, who you’re with and why. A new self-identity is growing. Each day review your choices and life style. Evaluate if they still reflect your values, needs, and your Virgo nature. Are you serving in the places truly needing your help?

LIBRA: Be aware of people, thoughts and issues not tended to for a long time. They appear in your present life seeking attention, closeness, love and forgiveness. Know that much of your communication may not be heard or understood by others. Therefore try to be very clear when communicating, speak slowly, inform people you’re having difficulty communicating. Entering into quiet retreat sustains you, vitalizing you for important group work ahead.

SCORPIO: Do be aware when with friends and in groups plans made may be delayed, changed or not happen at all. Those close to you may seem distant (everyone’s internal at this time) or confused. Friends, issues from the past may make contact. You consider re-entering a group or friendships from long ago and not seen in a long time. Allow no heartache or anguish from the past to continue. Joy occurs in the present moment.

SAGITTARIUS: Notice a sensitivity around these subjects: money, resources/finances (something from the past?), thinking about career choices, being understood and/or misunderstood while in public, your life path, your future, spiritual tasks, fun and pleasure. It seems like every subject and endeavor is sensitive. Sensitivity leads to questions that lead us to ask what makes us truly happy and joyful (two distinct feelings). Happiness and joy always know the Way. Follow them.

CAPRICORN: Keep from making important promises, large decisions (discriminate what’s large & small), signing anything into permanence (it won’t be), travel plans, traveling long distances, for the next several weeks. Realize thinking, communications, transactions and outer realities won’t make much sense. It will be a crazy, mixed up world. You’re steering a boat in the fog. Only your senses can guide you. Fragrance, sound, taste, touch and seeing. Also, the stars above. And most of all opening the 12-petaled lotus of your heart.

AQUARIUS: Be very practical with money and resources. It’s important to set new goals concerning home, money, finances, resources. Reaffirm what is of value. Eliminate what’s no longer useful or what you haven’t used, touched or looked at for years. What you think you need may no longer be real. Use this retrograde time to shed objects, people, ideas and beliefs obstructing you from reality (and dreams). Invite the devas to help you in daily life needs.

PISCES: Maintain a clear communication with partners and intimates. All relationships may enter into a phase of acceleration, seeking a higher state of harmony. Before that a crisis may occur in terms of disappointments, over-reactions, mixed messages, misunderstandings. Pisces at this time must begin to assess and value their own thoughts, needs, hopes, wishes and dreams, discriminating between the self and their beloveds. A difficult task, but necessary for self-affirmation and growth.

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