Mercury & Jupiter in Virgo

When the Sun and/or planets move through the sign Virgo, everyone begins to talk more. Talk, talk, talk and more talk. There’s a reason. Talking helps us sort out and integrate experiences, thoughts and ideas. Mercury and Jupiter are now in Virgo, which means a surplus of ideas flowing through minds. Thus lots of talking. Mercury is exalted in Virgo. Jupiter expands Virgo.

Virgo has a great ability to see, point out, discuss and tend to earthly details. Pisces loves Virgo (sometimes). Pisces peers through clouds and veils, not quite understanding the earth plane. Pisces is water (flowing) to Virgo’s earth (solid). Often Pisces turns to Virgo to understand those details before returning behind the veils. Veils are a comfort for Pisces, for Virgo a frustration. Virgo is busy, serving all the time, seeing everyone’s potential, working and waiting for that potential to come forward.

While Mercury is in Virgo we must be detailed and precise in our communication, discriminating in our choices without emotional or critical reactions.

Jupiter is the enthusiastic big picture. In Virgo, Jupiter offers the larger context surrounding the details. Both are needed.

Jupiter in Virgo is a bit cautious, less exuberant, hides its enthusiasm (at first). Jupiter becomes the professor speaking of religions, philosophies, culture and travel. Jupiter invites Virgo onto the playground, to take a rare quenching gulp of pleasure. At first Virgo uses a thousand words (Mercury) to say, “No. I must be efficient, tend to details, create routines and schedules, and order daily life. I have no time to play.” Jupiter laughs. He has lots of time. Jupiter remains in Virgo for an entire year (till September, 2016).

Friday, August 14, is Leo new moon. The New Group of World Servers invites everyone to the Leo festival by reciting the Soul & Great Invocations. “Let Light, Love & Power restore the Plan on Earth.”

ARIES: Your creativity is being called forth this month and next. Perhaps there’s a long held creative art you’ve forgotten or put aside. Creativity allows us to step both inward and outward simultaneously, accessing our inner imaginative selves while also producing something in form and matter. Children, expressing your values, leisure and play unexpectedly fulfills your need for contact.

TAURUS: There’s a strong focus on home and family, on things domestic, your foundation and heritage. With Venus retro it’s possible you’re safeguarding things from the past. Releasing this past allows you to step forward into the future. It’s needed, actually. We begin releasing the past (physical things, emotional, mental) by saying, “I’m willing.” Then we’re liberated and a new present/future plan emerges.

Gemini: You might be out & about, here & there, and sometimes feel that you’re nowhere. Ideas flow through your mind too fast to comprehend. While tending to multiple tasks and errands notice an assessment of previous issues. You may rediscover talents and skills, reconnect with past relationships and ask for more comfort and ease at home. Seeking comfort increases throughout the year.

CANCER: There’s a strong focus on resources, money, finances & the values you live by. It’s most important to make a list of your values – what you value, whom and why – defining and recognizing them for yourself. List your valuable possessions. Then list your talents and gifts. List what is of comfort to you and security. Eventually your self-worth begins to shine through. Something thought lost is found.

LEO: It’s a most fortunate time for you. It’s also a time of self-awareness, developing new areas of your nature that have been hidden for many years. Allow yourself to be in the spotlight. Then allow yourself to withdraw, contemplating on and considering your values. Know that you are of great value. You can be charming, impulsive and even overly active (aggressive) at times. Good fortune trails you. Share everything.

VIRGO: Things hidden come into view for your recognition and assessment. So much from the past, private and not shared with others, comes forth. First you remember the past, then it slowly fades away. Eventually the best Virgo qualities, a greater sense of confidence and a depth of spiritual awakening, different than before, emerges. Talk only with those who love you.

LIBRA: Libra is the social sign of the zodiac. This month and next all things social increases dramatically. Group focus, networking, friendships, community service are emphasized. You may feel overwhelmed and unprepared for such a force of energies. Summon poise and balance (your gifts), seek joy in all interactions. Tend to money carefully. Be aware that all your hopes, wishes and dreams will seek fulfillment. Rest.

SCORPIO: It’s a very promising time concerning your work in the world, being recognized, your performance, career, public life, achievements and reputation. It is a time for you to assess and then re-assess who you want to be in the world, who you’ve been and if this is enough. Soon new friends appear, new networks and groups that join you on your life journey. You experience happiness.

SAGITTARIUS: There’s a focus on an important journey, on travel, new adventures, culture, and learning. Many surprises are occurring amidst a sense of joy and gratitude. Opportunities will be offered so it’s important now to review hopes, wishes, dreams and goals, pursuing only what’s most important to you. There may be a struggle concerning choices, as many will be available. Stand under the Will-to-Good.

CAPRICORN: You will step behind a veil for a while into realms that allow for transformation and regeneration. You will think about money that is owed, money held in common, resources of all types. You seek a deeper, richer, meaningful experience in all relationships. Soon, if not already, the veils will part and you enter into a garden. The air is clear, the soil vital and moist, the sky is blue. You’re happy.

AQUARIUS: It’s important to make deep personal connections with people. One-on-one, heart to heart. There’s a concentration on relationships like no other time of the year. Concerning needs, know that it’s through friends that Aquarians are able to find and acquire things. Friends from the past may re-appear. You’re beginning a new yearlong cycle of support. Ask, from your heart, for all that you need. It will be given.

PISCES: Health, right diet, food, daily routines, tending and caring for the self is important. You’re learning how to manage and organize the needs for each day. Unhappiness creates a tension leading to attention pushing you to make needed changes. Trust yourself. Have faith in your feelings and knowing your needs. Call forth courage (and angels) to meet those needs. Everything plenty comes your way.

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