Spring Triangle – Three Spring Festivals

The Spring signs Aries, Taurus and Gemini constitute a triangle of force that sets the template for the nine signs that follow and the template for the entire year (Spring 2015-Spring 2016) ahead.

Aries initiates new ideas, Taurus stabilizes the new thinking of Aries, and Gemini takes the initiating stabilized ideas of Aries/Taurus and disperses them to all of humanity. It is in this way that humanity learns new things. With the help of Mercury, the messenger.

As Spring unfolds, three elements emerge – the Fire of Aries (initiating new ideas), the Earth of Taurus (anchoring the ideas of God through Mercury) and the Air of communicating Gemini. These three signs/elements are the Three Spring Festivals. They are the “triangle of force” forming the template (patterns) of energy for upcoming new year. After these three we then have the soothing, calming, warming, nurturing and tending waters of the mother (Cancer). Cancer initiates our next season under the hot Suns of summer. Planets, stars and signs create the Temple of Light directing humanity towards all things new.

March 29th is Palm Sunday – when the Christ, World Teacher, was led into Jerusalem (City of Peace) on a donkey (humility). Palms waving above His head signified recognition of the Christ’s Divinity. Palm Sunday is the Sunday before the Easter (Resurrection Festival). Palm Sunday begins Holy Week, the Week of Capture, Imprisonment, Passion, Sacrifice, Crucifixion, Death & Resurrection of the Christ. All events in the Christ’s life represent events (Initiations) humanity experiences through many lifetimes. We turn our attention to these holy events this week. Their concepts portray and reveal to us greater spiritual understanding. Then, Aries, the “light of Life itself” shines through us.

ARIES: You will be called to new action. Reflect upon your resources and what you value. Be practical yet prepare for the future. All values must be noted for you to feel safe and secure. Look back and assess priorities. Then look forward and list what is needed for a protected future. Prayers and mantrams are most important now. Develop a line of light from the heart of the Sun to your heart. At dawn and dusk. This creates within you love and trust.

TAURUS: Messages from the Mind of God, from Mercury, will be given. Perhaps while asleep or in prayer, meditation or under water (swimming, surfing, in the rain or shower). Quiet reflection, study, nature walks, tending to the kingdoms, daily schedules aid in receiving and hearing inner guidance. The planets work through groups depending upon you for guidance and also through your inner spiritual life. From these a new life structure takes shape.

GEMINI: As you consider what’s valuable and not, you may throw everything away in search of new beginnings. You need new groups that reflect your new thinking. It’s important to retain/remember things from long ago. Original astrological teachings and contacts made then neglected. Renew then. They heal your wounds and help develop new consciousness. Ponder upon these words. They make sense in your heart.

CANCER: Two realities appear before you. Resources that have lived out their usefulness and resources needed for the new reality you must help build. We’ve entered a new rhythm and new cycle creating rebirth, rebuilding, realignments and spiritual reassertion. It’s time to be seen in the world, to lead a group and to bring forth your knowledge. Through Cancer, Spirit enters matter.

LEO: Travel and study bring forth profound change and transformation which will redefine you. A new state of self-identity is emerging. Tend to money and resources held in common with others very carefully. Pare down to basic essentials. You’ve done it before. Plant fruit trees in your garden along with marigold. In the new world human builders are to work with the angelic builders (devas). You remember.

VIRGO: Reviewing past finances and all levels of organization brings comfort and order. So you can consider new systems implements at summer’s end. Talk over ideas with partner or intimate friends. Being listened to allows a new sense of self-worth to develop. You value balance in all aspects of your life. Place all goals within the context of harmony and balance.

LIBRA: You have valuable talents to be discovered. Nuggets of gold in daily life. You understand life’s rhythms and cycles of life and death. You can therefore be a solace to others experiencing crisis and difficulty. These gifts hold a great truth about yourself. Seek deeply for this truth. Here’s a mantram for you. “Let reality, love, forgiveness and understanding guide my every thought. Let truth be the master of my life.”

SCORPIO: Not until you can trust others completely do you allow yourself closeness. Truth and trust is built over time and experience. You seek the truth in all matters. Truth allows you to know when to be loyal and when to walk away. You hold yourself within the same values. You are very careful of compromise, sincerity and honesty. They are your golden shields. Rest more.

SAGITTARIUS: Family, home, hearth, foundation, early life influences have been your purpose. Now you must have relaxation, fun and playfulness. Freedom from the past is seeking you. Laughter brings forth freedom, releases playfulness. Continue to realize how valuable and respected is the work you’ve accomplished. Important is not the money you make but ideals and ethics upheld. You too hold a golden shield.

CAPRICORN: Aries and the last new moon highlight your foundations, upbringing, family and present home situation. You offer important new ideas to the family, reconcile self-identity with how you’re living, and understand golden opportunities being presented. Wherever you are you bring beauty and values forth. When considering future endeavors, identify what’s most meaningful? Sprout and grow baskets of grasses for Easter.

AQUARIUS: Friendship is most important for your identity and well-being. It brings forth intimacy, loyalty and steadfastness. It endures if you tend to friendships with care. Aquarius is acquainted with everyone in their town – like Ariadne’s golden thread linking everyone to everyone else. This is a valuable gift. It fuels your creativity. But only if you are always fair.

PISCES: Money challenges you. A good beginning is to tithe. Then, be courageous with it. In these times, know that money should be used for education first and then for whatever will sustain you and humanity in the future. Ask someone future-minded for guidance. Make lists of items important to you and needed in times of change. Add home (large, multiple), land, greenhouses, etc. Call forth Right Timing, Right Direction, Right Sharing, Right Stewardship.

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