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Making Ripples

Entertaining Eagles in Northwest Arkansas

It was another successful season for the Friends of Hobbs Eagle Watch Cruises on Beaver Lake, where, for just $10, this writer was lucky enough to see her first wild Bald Eagles.

Cover Story

Fayetteville's Got Dan's Back

Dan Dean is a rather tall, beloved and soft-spoken Winslow, Ark. resident in his 40s who cares deeply about sustainability, the environment, community, making music and bicycling.


Taking Care of Arkansans with Locally Grown Food

The Arkansas Food and Farm ( publication is open to any local food producing, marketing, eateries, and hunger relief organizations to advertise their game.

Advice Risa's Astrology

Week of Festivals – Full Moon, Lantern Festival, Purim, Holi

It is a week of many different festivals along with a full moon, all occurring simultaneously. Thursday Chinese New Year celebrations end with the Lantern Festival (at full moon).


Judge Not Unless You’re Jessa

Unless you’re a fan of the family, you probably won’t recognize the name Jessa Seewald.

In The News

Abortion Protestors Flagged by Highway Agency

Participants in an anti-abortion vigil outside a Planned Parenthood clinic on Arkansas highway 256 near Joyce Boulevard in Fayetteville were told they were in violation of Arkansas code and could


An Unexpected Victory

Putting it quite simply, Net Neutrality, and the internet at large, won a major victory in the fight to keep information free.


Restaurant-Music Venue Hybrid Opens in South Fayetteville

After traveling and managing bars in Fiji, Australia and Cambodia and being a long-time supporter of live music in northwest Arkansas, Jeremey Brown along with Brittany Cusanek have opened South Fayetteville’s newest vegetarian restaurant, avant-garde bar and live music venue.