Over Hills & Plains, Riding a White Horse, Bow & Arrows in Hand

Saturday, early morning, the Sun enters and radiates the light of Sagittarius. Three hours later the Sagittarius new moon (0.07 degrees) occurs. “Let food be sought,” is the personality-building keynote. “Food” means experiences, all kinds, levels and types. It also means real food. Sag’s secret is their love of food. Many, if not musicians, are chefs. Some are both.

The energies shift from Scorpio’s deep and transformative waters to the “hills and plains of Sagittarius”. Sag is the rider on a white horse, eyes focused on the mountain peaks of Capricorn (Initiation) ahead. Like Scorpio, Sagittarius is also the “disciple.”

Adventure, luck, optimism, joy and the beginnings of gratitude are the hallmarks of Sagittarius. Sag is also one of the signs of silence.

The battle lines were drawn in Libra and we were asked to choose where we stood. The Nine Tests were given in Scorpio and we emerged “warriors triumphant.” Now in Sag we are to be the One-Pointed Disciple, riding over the plains on a white horse, bow and arrows in hand, eyes focused on the Path of Return ahead.

Sagittarians are one-pointed (symbol of the arrow). Sag asks, “What is my life’s purpose?” This is their quest, from valleys, plains, meadows and hills, eyes aimed always at the mountaintop. Sag emerges from Scorpio’s deep waters, conflict and tests into the open air. Sag’s quest is humanity’s quest. Sag’s quest however, is always accompanied by music and good food.

ARIES: Gradually certain spiritual aspirations will enter your awareness. They will align with your goals, many (new) of which are appearing now. It’s good to give thanks for your great professorial and musical mind and the transformative affect you have on the world. Be aware that you are now and for a long time to come a force that influences others. You must link that force with love. And gratitude.

TAURUS: You realize that you must conserve your strength, rest whenever possible, and economize all actions each day. This is very important for the well-being of all that you are to bring forth for the world. It’s also good to consider what assets you have perhaps in storage, boxes, drawers, safes, or simply lying about on tabletops patiently awaiting your attention. Careful with impatience. Share more.

GEMINI: You begin to sense a certain level of dignity, self-confidence and self-assurance in relation to others. The Sun shining on all your interactions. You begin to cooperate more and hide less, allowing for changes of environment, an expansion of interests. You realize that even enemies and those you don’t like have purpose in your life’s work. Tend to commitments, consider suggestions and call forth deeper friendships.

CANCER: Daily routines take precedence in terms of diet and health, scheduling tasks and chores, and utilizing your energy more effectively. You’re grateful for this awareness. It allows for you to nourish yourself while also organizing the environment. Perhaps your garden called you to attention and the miracle each plant presents has shifted your emphasis. Cultivating a winter garden.

LEO: Your creative abilities are in the spotlight. Everyone realizes without you the work would not be carefully tended. There’s praise for your ongoing accomplishments, praise for the connections you make and the people and events you cultivate. In return be sure to provide even greater praise for those around you. This brings forth in everyone a love not often experienced in the workplace. Soon creativity becomes even more serious.

VIRGO: Tend to home, family, parents and elders in every way. This principle of caring will be returned a hundred-fold. Perhaps you feel unrecognized or unseen. This will not last. You will emerge from behind the veils into the light of day where new projects present themselves. Now the groundwork is being formed internally. Like seeds underground soon to sprout leaves and shoots, your life settles into new ideas, hopes and goals.

LIBRA: You seek self-reliance and a greater levels of practicality. You reserve your energy for important matters, tending conservatively to money with confidence and decisiveness. Do not overlook your health, become overworked or let your physical body become cold. Tend to yourself very carefully. Later you will plan holiday parties. Leaves, flowers, mercury and colored glass, bells and baubles everywhere. And snow.

SCORPIO: Whatever you ask for eventually always come your way. You simply need to state your needs and they’re magnetized to you. Be careful therefore what you aks and are seeking. I write often for you to tend to money and communication carefully. With the first be sure to tithe first. With the second use speech to radiate goodwill into the world. These take discipline, which you possess more than most. Something secret or spiritual calls.

SAGITTARIUS: There may be a new friendship or group(s) you’re pursuing. They help build you new self-identity. Some Sag’s are thinking about, interacting with or seeking their fathers. Some become fathers. Others seek teachers and teachings to bring harmony and balance into their lives. All Sags are in a state of disequilibrium. Because new goals and adventures are forming, not visible yet. In perfecting timing they appear. Always be grateful.

CAPRICORN: Assessing what you have and being ever thankful creates and expands inner happiness and joy. Life feels abundant. Cultivating an attitude of abundance prepares you for the transformations occurring to all Capricorns (Pluto’s task). Viewing all experiences as abundant helps others sustain lives of happiness and suffering. You understand both. Actively cultivate stewardship (all of life a garden to be tended). Your ways of being teach everyone that love underlies everything.

AQUARIUS: For two-and-a half-years or more you will attempt to read more, study and expand your mind, which brings new prospects, new goals and new people into your life. You recently found yourself making compromises. This is good. You feel secure enough in your willingness to help others. Aquarius is about serving humanity and you are learning this each day. Everyone is your group and your friend. Everyone helps you.

PISCES: Concerned with the future and experiencing constant change you focus ion work in order to feel stable, responsible and to have order and constancy in your life. However the changes continue, the future is distant, things dissolve away and health becomes something to tend to. Maintain physical warmth (don’t get cold), create a daily exercise schedule, walk in the sun’s light each day, and maintain a direct and constant contact with Divinity and the devas watching over you. A journey occurs.

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