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Bring Your Green Thumb Indoors This Winter

With winter weather patterns just around the corner, most gardeners are finished with outdoor projects. Healthy house plants are a beautiful addition to any indoor living space.


Going to War Pt. II

War Machine’s jail time has given him a lot of time to reflect on his actions.


The Right to Die

On November 2nd, Brittany Maynard ended her life. She had made headlines over the last month because of the decision she made to do so.

Making Ripples

Coffee and Climate Change

Climate change, like a boarder who didn’t make a reservation ahead of time and has a tendency to dampen the mood, will now have a place at our breakfast table.

Advice Advice Goddess

Scold Rush

There are times when directness is best. Like if you’re an air traffic controller. What’s important is not that you make the pilot feel supported in his life goals but that he brings the plane to a stop on the runway instead of in some lady’s pool.

Family Friendly

Area Photographers Give Back

About 6 years ago, a movement started by photographers that aimed to give back to the underserved members of their community in the best way they could: professional portraits.

Advice Risa's Astrology

Scorpio – Doing No Harm – Ahimsa

Thursday is full moon, Scorpio solar festival. The focus is on the Scorpio keynote, “Warriors we are & from the battles we emerge triumphant.”

Cover Story

Republicans Win Senate, House, Governor: Arkansas Mid-Term Election Results 2014

In a landslide, Republican candidates swept the Arkansas mid-term 2014 general election.