Scorpio – Doing No Harm – Ahimsa

Thursday is full moon, Scorpio solar festival. The focus is on the Scorpio keynote, “Warriors we are & from the battles we emerge triumphant.” We (humanity) are Hercules, the warrior/world disciple, battling the Nine Headed Hydra – the Nine Scorpio Tests – the nine tests of the personality – three for each level – physical, emotional, lower mental. The tests discern if we are strong enough to stand with the Forces of Light battling the Forces of Darkness.

One of the mental tests of Scorpio is cruelty. The spiritual ruler of Scorpio is Mercury. Mercury (now in Libra, Right Human Relations) reminds us to “do no harm” (ahimsa), to not be cruel, to tend to our thoughts & language with tender care.

During Scorpio we become resourceful, determined, fearless, intuitive, darkly witty, investigative and profound with desires secret and mysterious. We may go into hiding, display suspicion and skepticism, stubbornness, determination, often emotionally on edge. Scorpio presents an interesting mix of depth psychology. Research is best during Scorpio, seeking the heart of all matters. When we find what we’re searching for we “capture” it and make it our own.

Our intelligence becomes highly instinctive; we strategize. There’s a warning in Scorpio. That we do not criticize, judge, opinionate, insinuate or be vindictive. We will challenge others and be challenged in return. Intrigue, hidden motives, and mysteries may appear. We must discern if reality or mental illusions? Ruling Scorpio (sign of power, passion and intensity), Mercury reminds us communication can either create or destroy another. We remember Elvis’s (Jupiter in Scorpio) song “Don’t be Cruel.” We do no harm (ahimsa). (264)

ARIES: Everything in the introduction applies to everyone and especially to you. It’s possible you’re not aware of your behaviors, hidden from you. Mercury in Scorpio will soon move through your natural Scorpio house. Read the above carefully, underline what’s interesting to you and make intentions to observe yourself within these contexts. Know you become a Scorpio for a while, a good experience. Scorpio gives you needed depth.

TAURUS: You move into full strategic mode, seeking all ways to transform and reorient your environment and yourself. Resources are assessed and you wisely use, disperse, share, rearrange and then multiply them over and over. Saturn in Scorpio is in your house of partners, relationships and intimacy. Something changes there. Tend to your health carefully. Water, sleep, vitamins, green drinks, sunshine, prayer.

GEMINI: Your early life, its ups and down and the reality of your early family life surface. Perhaps there was much conflict and chaos within as a child as you attempted to balance and understanding life in the midst of seeming disorder. Do you remember any good messages? Understand early lives condition adult lives till we reorient from the solar plexus to the heart. This is our job and everyone’s task. It’s the art of review and then forgiveness.

CANCER: Are you nurturing others in the family? Are you able to tend and care for yourself? Where do you belong and what is the present state of where you live? What is your creative outlet? Do you have one and is that being nurtured? Many in-depth questions must be asked so a new state of creativity can come about. As you seek a true sense of purpose, have the intention to become organized in all areas of your life. Intention leads the way.

LEO: You will recognize how deeply your mind is influenced by emotional patterns created when just a child. This has allowed you to develop great imagination, intuition and a reservoir of knowledge unequalled by most. This is good until you become too introverted (gloomy). Here you dream and build castles in the air. You’re like Persephone but eating apples instead of pomegranates. Invite others to eat apples with you. Make an apple rhubarb pie.

VIRGO: There is such a great aspiration to fix things, to help and to heal others, to serve, to offer assistance and to provide necessary information when things go awry. All thoughts during Scorpio’s month turn inward. Create a secret room or sanctuary, fashion a secret garden with a secret door. It’s good to actually manifest these, making them a goal for the coming year. What would they look like and hold?

LIBRA: Participation in various artforms elevates concentration and stimulates imagination. Sociability, music, friendship and affection are linked to your spirituality. As leader among your friends, inviting them to participate with you in these endeavors would enliven their minds, open their hearts, and expand their vision and futures. Then all your friendships deepen. Try to not be too terribly irritable.

SCORPIO: In the weeks to come you will shift and change, becoming quick-witted and decisive, outgoing, talkative, group and idea oriented. This lasts for just a bit of time so take advantage of it. Participate only in groups that inspire, grow food, garden and build true community. You may travel a bit to explore realities not often available. You’ll bring home what you learned. Share it with everyone. Then begin to build.

SAGITTARIUS: The days find you very sensitive, intuitive, imaginative. Self-confidence slips into hiding. You find and feel your way into different realms that don’t include reasoning out reality. Your internal self is very powerful, calling you to music, art and poetry. Not necessarily to your usual skills but to others in order to prepare for later more expansive and unrestrained creations. You’re being retrained in hidden areas. Remain in seclusion.

CAPRICORN: Maintain your directness of communication and truth-telling. Know that what you seek is what everyone needs but you must bring it into the light. You’re the builder. Perhaps you’re not aware of your position of authority. The climbing of that ladder occurred due to you intellectual capacities along with your ability to observe, assess and, most importantly, lead with love. Your chosen field is yet to come, but it’s very close by. Stay poised wherever you are.

AQUARIUS: The next weeks will reveal to you different innate abilities than known before. You will become practical, organized, reasoned and, surprisingly patient. Most important for you is learning something new while traveling which creates new values. A wound appears, then, through right values, heals. You will think of the many ways and paths toward success. You might need some stronger shoes for that endeavor.

PISCES: You speak and seek honesty and experience shock when the opposite appears. You will change a lot, studying multiple subjects and groups yet not staying too long with one. You speak the truth in a neutral tone conveying difficult information. This is a sign of authority, rightly placed, with mind and heart balanced. Whatever you choose there is success. You must call in strength to withstand being different. Your values change, too.

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