New Pathways, Rhythms & Ways of Being

The week is filled with heavenly squares, triangles, rectangles, lines and conjunctions as the planets accelerate their interactions with each other. We are preparing for December’s Uranus (in Aries) square Pluto (in Capricorn) – a persistent square causing uncompromising change in humanity. Aries/Capricorn are cardinal signs. Cardinal signs initiate new realities, squares challenge and lead us onto new pathways. They awaken us new ideas, archetypes, rhythms and new ways of being.

As Saturn (Dweller on the Threshold) disciplines us to face truths and then relinquish the past, Uranus (the new order) presents us with breakdowns Pluto transforms everything, everywhere relentlessly. Aries rules all things new. Capricorn rules governments, leaders and the entire structure of our civilization. Everything’s changing. It needs to. The old is exhausted. We are too.

Neptune (the fish god, the Waters of Life) in Pisces (saving the world) turns stationary direct Sunday morning as Venus enters Sag Sunday night. Sun joins Saturn (in Scorpio) Tuesday. Venus and Scorpio work with money and resources. We are being moved forward globally into new economic directions, new archetypes. A revolution is occurring. All of this humanity needs for the present unreal financial system to shift toward an economy based on Principles of Sharing (Aquarian).

Day by day, transit-by-transit, planet-by-planet, sign by sign, over time this reorientation (Scorpio’s work, from the solar plexus to the heart of the matter) will occur. At first we will have suffering. Then awakened realization.

Venus in Sag seeks justice for everyone. We display feelings truthfully and directly. We’re less fearful in interactions, more present, more attractive, forthright and adventurous. We also become more hungry.

November 17-18 the Leonid Meteor showers enter Earth’s atmosphere creating silvery shooting stars. The showers (from comet Temple-Tuttle) peak in the dark night sky Tuesday. We look up and see light falling to Earth.

ARIES: You become deeply intuitive, your business sense soars, especially if working with others, unusual for you. Yet this is how you move forward. If passions ebb and flow, and at times stopping altogether, it’s because you’re assessing which path to take, which behaviors are beneficial, and what resources to use most effectively. Your work in the world daily becomes more potent. Be sure to add love to all endeavors. Your will can either destroy or create.

TAURUS: You tend to those you love with words of care and tenderness, unusual for you. However it’s articulating what you feel. Seeking closeness, your attitude is one of benevolence, commitment and loyalty. On the other hand you are physically drained and must rest much each day in order to accomplish small tasks. Tend carefully to health and limit extraneous activities.

GEMINI: Your spirit needs art and creativity each day lest you become dry as a thistle in desert heat. You should not gamble. However many will and for moments you find prosperity but it’s as fleeting as a tumbleweed. You find yourself flirting at times, bringing loved ones closer, then walking away at a moment’s notice. Constancy you will learn someday. When another walks away.

CANCER: Do you have a sense that others care for you, tending and nurturing when you’re in need? Nurture all associations and interactions in your life so you feel the real possibility of care from others. Do you sometimes feel separated from loved ones? It’s hard to share and be close from afar. However whatever interactions you have with them are deep and profound. Your love is an art form.

LEO: You may never want to leave home except for a very short time. Careful with implements (tools) in daily life. They become dangerous if not handled with awareness. With great assurance you can now prepare your body for utmost fitness through dietary and exercise choices. Interactions with others may feel very difficult (Plutonian). Try to have Right Relations anyway.

VIRGO: Begin to be conservative with money and resources, important later when resources will be needed. However, there may arise some material necessity that is expensive (buy it) or someone in great need (help them). You will find these choices appropriate at times. Always tithe first. Social interactions are important. Should you find no one to talk with, the garden devas will listen. And respond.

LIBRA: Are you feeling overworked, overextended, tired early in the evening and awakening before dawn? Bananas and milk (raw) and protein before bed help. Are you readying your home for the holiday season? Do not overspend this year. Use resources already accumulated. They’re beautiful and enough to make the coming season fill with light, beauty and your loving generosity.

SCORPIO: Is your heart on your sleeve, in the air, acting like a shooting star attempting to share something about yourself with everyone everywhere? Sometimes you slip behind the curtain, a bit fearful of revealing to others your vulnerabilities, desires and aspiration. When you connect with others love is released. Love underlies your entire world of events. You deserve everything.

SAGITTARIUS: Parts of you are shy about intimacy. It hides behind your sense of adventure. You attempt to be cheery even under stress. You hide behind laughter, your love of food, family. Soon there will be new a call to service. It’s searching for you. Each joy and crisis brings it closer. A door opened. You walked through it with grace. The unobtainable became the obtained. You’re laughing and happy.

CAPRICORN: You have the ability at this time to organize social events that are a healing and comfort for others. Your sense of justice, ethics and aspiration to serve humanity allow you to comfort and counsel those who mourn, those in need, unnoticed, unseen, overlooked and left out. Slowly your personal power and capabilities for doing good are recognized. Each opportunity reveals another. Continue up the ladder. It leads to the stars. A crisis becomes a hidden opportunity. Look for it!

AQUARIUS: Your imagination will give rise to great ideas leading to feeling of confidence, success and no longer being held back. There’s a secret to personal success. Allow your heart to speak. Not your desires but your heart. They are different. Tell the truth about how you feel at all times. Speak of your needs, hopes, wishes. This makes you authentic. Those in touch with their hearts will recognize you.

PISCES: In years to come, a group project will begin to manifest. It will have profound effects upon humanity. The seeds have been planted and although you feel it will never come about much is occurring in many unseen ways. Gather flower and vegetable seeds. Sow them everywhere – in fields and meadows and small patches of soil. Even indoors. This (seeds, sowing, growing) is the metaphor to carry you forward into the future with calmness, courage, surety and stillness.

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