Rosh Hashanah – Calling the Shofar

Under the shadow of the Libra new moon, the Jewish High Holy Days (ten days) begin Thursday with Rosh Hashanah. On this day of rest God judges us for the coming year. We gather with family, recite penitential prayers next to natural flowing waters, ask for forgiveness, listen for the shofar (rams horn, trumpet blown), eat sweet tasting foods of apples and honey so the New Year is sweet. We wish each other L’Shana Tova, May you have a good year.” As we celebrate different religious festivals throughout the year, it’s important to understand them. They form the foundation of the new world religion in the Aquarian Age.

Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, occurs this year during Libra, sign of creating Right Relations with all aspects life and with Earth’s kingdoms. We contemplate (the Libra meditation) forgiveness, which means, “to give for another.” Forgiveness is not pardon. It’s a sacrifice (fire in the heart, giving from the heart). Forgiveness is giving up of the little personality self for the good of the other. This is the Law of Evolution (the Path of Return).

September 28 is World Rivers Day. Since 2005 (UN Water for Life Decade launched), millions around the world have observed the last Sunday of September as World Rivers Day.

World Rivers Day highlights the importance of our water and rivers, strives to increase public awareness, encourages improved stewardship of all rivers in our world. Activities include stream cleanups, habitat enhancement projects, educational outings, and community riverside celebrations. Millions across 60+ countries have participated in World Rivers Day. See In our group, we daily sound OHMs to purify the waters of the world. Ohm.

ARIES: Interactions, working with colleagues, planning, and agendas proceed forward as communication becomes less difficult. However, there are many relationship responsibilities to consider, focus upon, order and organize. This must be done immediately. Financial consideration must be communicated to the “other”, thus bring order and organization to all relationships. Surrender with love.

TAURUS: Words describing the coming month – creativity, research, food, yogurt, purity, structure, restructure, money, finances, desire, aspiration, old friends, relationship(s). All play out, one by one as you simultaneously attempt to understand the spiritual science of how all things are made. You understand to bring forth the new world, humanity must work with the Devas (Light Beings). You contact them. They respond.

GEMINI: When studying Gemini’s chart, I see a natural slowing down process occurring due to Saturn the house of daily life. Saturn is creating a new structure of creativity with greater dimension of beauty. As you bring forth Right Relations with all the kingdoms, especially the Devas, you bring forth a new level of awareness within yourself and the outer world summoning a new life direction.

CANCER: It’s important to begin speaking with greater truth and clarity concerning personal needs while also tending to the needs of family, friends, animal and plant kingdom. Eventually, through them you are tending the entire world. Cancer nourishes. You need nourishment, too, and it’s important understand what that is. Tending children is one type of nourishment. There are other types that you specifically need. What are they?

LEO: As you assess financial expenditures you’re thinking and planning, seeking facts and figures expand exponentially. Gradually you realize your home needs tending, clearing, cleaning, ordering and perhaps even re-doing somewhere. Especially the garden. For now, organizing thoughts is the important focus. Should you need anything, now is a good time to ask. Your creativity is electric, fiery, red and hot. Careful!

VIRGO: It’s time to realize a new self-image is pending. You need new colors, clothes, hair, shoes and a new perception of self. Think value and style. Style makes one unusual, fashionable, on the edge. Few consider style to be important. You’re capable of this in detail. It’s easy for you to become habitual believing the same old ways of being. Stand up, shake off the old values, set new priorities, becoming who you want to be.

LIBRA: Venus, your ruler is in your 12th house (Pisces) of retreat, solitude, prayer, religion and contemplation. Reading harbors you, calms nerves, removes the usual responsibilities. Allow yourself to feel proud and at work. Always offering yourself to the world, your excellent talents are recognized. It’s time to save more (money), tithe to those in need, and offer unconditional love. You’re to “love everything and everyone more.”

SCORPIO: The months have brought forth great changes, which will continue. Scorpio, sign of life and death, transformation and regeneration, the phoenix rising from the ashes, is used to constant. Scorpio invites other everyone to join them. They are afraid (of you, death, transformation, regeneration experiences). You’re often alone. This is a planned evolutionary situation. You’re to become the Disciple. The New Group of World Servers calls.

SAGITTARIUS: Each sign has planetary rulers. This means the spiritual energies of each constellation, in order to reach us, stream through a planet. For Sagittarius, your planet is Jupiter, Ray 2 of Love/Wisdom. Jupiter is in Leo. “What does this mean”, your Sag mind always asks? That you are to gather love within yourself. It comes from the heart of the sun. Absorb it daily. It heals, soothes, protects and transforms. Do this consciously.

CAPRICORN: You’re out and about in the world, almost all the time. At times there’s a feeling of needing to be home, more. However, the world calls you. Because of this you want no complications, less responsibilities, and time to contemplate goals, aspirations, future objectives, family needs. You have many responsibilities. Ask for help each day. Share domestic tasks. Capricorns, due to Pluto’s influence, are experiencing powerful and compelling states of transformation. Careful!

AQUARIUS: Previously Neptune in Aquarius refined, changed your sense of self. Now Neptune will shift finances, resources and values. Decide what your gifts are. Produce your very best work daily. Much will be expected of you in coming months. Accomplishment now will be reflected and expanded later. You will be seen in the world more and more. All that you do now become the seeds of personal well-being and prosperity. You might meet someone special.

PISCES: You have a sense that you don’t quite know what you’re doing, what boat you’re steering or where you’re going. This creates vulnerability. You try to be practical about the future, yet it’s elusive. You want one thing and the opposite appears. You need a safe harbor, a nest, a cocoon. Tend very carefully to your money, finances, resources. There is residual ongoing grief. Remember B vitamins and Ignatia Amara (homeopathy for grief). Wait. Cry. Eat. Live. Love. Forgive. Keep sailing.

Risa is writer, founder & director of the Esoteric & Astrological Studies & Research Institute, a contemporary Wisdom School in the Ancient Mysteries tradition. The foundations of the school are Astrology & the Seven Rays.

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