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13 Years Gone

Third period Earth Science class, at Ramay Jr. High School. That’s where I was on 9/11.


Fayetteville’s Prodigal Songwriter Returns

Joe Purdy, the 34 year-old singer songwriter and Northwest Arkansas native, is an old soul.

Cover Story

Fayetteville to Participate in Compassion Games

A year ago this week, acts of kindness were being reported by citizens of Fayetteville and the Northwest Arkansas area like crazy.


What’s so Funny About Peace, Love and Understanding?

The only reason why I think that we think that we still think war is necessary is that we are still barbarians.


Fall Hair And Makeup Trends

This season is the most fun and creative when it comes to the possibilities of fashion forward expressiveness.

Advice Risa's Astrology

The Revolution Must Be Different

The Aries Moon will be here late Wednesday and Thursday. We think new thoughts and initiate new ideas. Sun in Virgo with Saturn in Scorpio help disciples to create orderly structures to anchor and bring forth new ideas.

Making Ripples

Willing Workers on Organic Farms

World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms, or Willing Workers on Organic Farms (used interchangeably) has been a popular way for people to travel, gain work experience, do internships, or start a career in agriculture.

Legacy Archive

Deeper Lessons from Ferguson: American Violence (Part 1)

Broader lessons from Ferguson are of violence, poverty and justice. We must think harder, and ask bigger questions.

Advice Advice Goddess

Whoa Is Me

You lost your girlfriend and were thinking, “At least I have my job.” Then you lost your job and were thinking, “At least I have my confidence.” Whatever happens, don’t say, “At least I have my penis.”