Autumn Equinox, the Peace Equation & Virgo New Moon

Sunday is the UN International Day of Peace. Monday is Autumn equinox as Sun enters Libra (Right Relations with all of life). The Soul Year now begins. We work in the dark part of the year (Persephone underground) preparing for new light of Winter Solstice. Tuesday/Wednesday is the Virgo new moon festival.

Sunday’s International Day of Peace (UNIDP) is a global Peace-building (different than Peace-making or Peace-keeping) day when nations, leaders, governments, communities and individuals are invited to end conflict, cease hostilities, create 24 hours of non-violence and promote Goodwill = Right Relations = leading to Peace. See:

We know two things about peace. “The absence of war does not signify peace.” And “Peace is an ongoing process.” In its Peace-building emphasis, the UNIDP, through education, attempts, through education, to create a “culture of peace, understanding and tolerance”. Esoterically we are reminded of the Peace Equation. “Intentions for Goodwill (and acting upon this intention) create Right Relations with all Earth’s kingdoms which create (the ongoing process of) Peace on Earth.” At noon, Sunday, in all time zones, millions participating, groups will observe a moment of silence for Peace on Earth. Bells rung, candles lit, doves released as the New Group of World Servers recite the Great Invocation (humanity’s Mantram of Direction). To connect with others around the world see:



Tuesday night, Wednesday morning is the Virgo new moon festival. Again the NGWS gather worldwide reciting the Soul and Great Invocations for world peace. Let us join together with the Mother (Virgo). Goodwill to All, Let Peace prevail on Earth. The dove is the symbol for the day.

ARIES: New endeavors come forth; all that’s been hidden emerges too and creates a transformative atmosphere around your work and daily life. Work and more work is given to you – work only you can accomplish. It will entail research, going back into the past, ordering, organizing and reassessing all agendas and work plans. You will need to schedule moments of exercise in between. View everything as opportunity.

TAURUS: You must begin a serious look at your health. Only if you are in the best of health can you tend and maintain the vast responsibilities you’re about to assume. Like Aries you’ll be given more responsibilities. They accelerate through the autumn and into the winter. What is your workplace environment like? A bit of freedom is about to occur. Freedom for you comes through a cleaning, clearing and ordering of your environment.

GEMINI: Observe your life at home and observe if in the next weeks and month life changing subtly. Perhaps something or someone enters your environment(s) bringing forth transformation and calling you to further work and responsible tasks. Something definitely occurs and it may upset your sense of previous security. However it prepares you for the future. What music are you listening to?

CANCER: Are you busier than usual and are people depending upon you for strength, tending, caring, food and your usual cardinal qualities you keep so well hidden? So much needs to be accomplished yet we have one-third less time each day. Each morning and evening ends with a question. Replace it with a mantram. Someone from the past perhaps may call or be in touch. Or you’re dreaming about them or needing to make contact (which releases love).

LEO: Everything that occurs this month is either about money, resources, finances or relationships. Both can be volatile, both need careful tending, due to a push/pull situation occurring. And then all of a sudden the focus shifts, moving toward your skills and creativity, how to gather more, and learning how to listen without judgment. The times are changing. You must, too. Being more aware of the needs of others. Tending those needs.

VIRGO: Mercury’s in Libra, soon to retrograde (next week). So many things you’ve done may need to be re-done. This is good. It gives you another opportunity to make things better and brighter than before. Re-doing is not a waste of time, but instead a time used for fixing, rethinking and remembering things forgotten. You also delve deeply into subtle thoughts and come to revelations. I write this so you can prepare.

LIBRA: You’re still a bit in seclusion, behind veils of protection, a secret retreat allowing you to tend to personal needs, thoughts, feelings, likes & dislikes. It is good to write in a journal; writing makes us more aware and observant of our lives. In the autumn months ahead hope is reborn. Thoughts impressed upon your mind this month contain the seeds of understanding and compassion and how to use your talents to better serve. Sleep more.

SCORPIO: Friends, groups you belong to and the communities you allow around you begin to articulate what you truly hope and wish for in the future. Exploring these ideas you realize you’re not hidden anymore. Many people know and care about you and would value you as a friend. I know you must go slowly. Only one or two truly know you. You might venture out a bit more into the world. Slowly at first.

SAGITTARIUS: As you struggle to meet daily life demands you realize home and family life (past and present) are also struggling for your attention. You are pulled in two directions, seeking to maintain balance and quality and all you really want to do is run away to new ventures somewhere. Wherever you end up your thoughts and responsibilities travel with you. Allow both realities to have a voice. Soon compromise emerges. Remember, you’re in training. Being prepared.

CAPRICORN: Someone older, wiser, an elder, teacher/listener appears allowing you to speak your mind and heart about long held and recent concerns and dilemmas. As you realize your need for true recognition you begin to understand how to recognize and value others more. Everything routine begins to reverse itself (Mercury retro) in several weeks. Seek authoritative information about your work situation. Acts of God happen. We’re to help God.

AQUARIUS: Preparing for October’s Mercury retrograde. You know and remember the rules of retrogrades, yes? No important commitments, no signing of papers, no large purchases. Travel can be difficult and communication garbled. Contracts simply fall apart afterward and no one remembers previous conversations. Details are overlooked. However, it is a good time to tend to previous promises. Then you’re free to act.

PISCES: If a leader you may experience several rather unusual resistances to your leadership. It will be subtle and feel not quite tangible. However, if you think and ponder deeply your Pisces will grasp the situation clearly and make an appropriate response. Mercury retro times are Virgo times. For a Pisces this is good as it integrates your shadow self. Mercury retrogrades October 4th. Begin preparations now.

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