Under the Light of the Full Moon

We must be patient Thursday, Sept. 4 – we may experience limitation and restraints, feeling we haven’t done or said enough. Carefully think through ideas before explaining. The afternoon is easier. Friday through Sunday may prove difficult concerning agreements or conclusions. We can’t seem to find anyone thinking or feeling as we do to understand us. This is temporary. However, it places everyone in a state of solitude and feelings of loss. What’s occurring is refinement from Virgo, transformation from Pluto and inner expansion from Jupiter – all working together for our evolution (Path of Return).

Things get easier with Aquarius moon. We begin to feel a sense of freedom, innovation, liberty. Saturday we’re more hungry than usual. We need expansion. Sunday, Pisces moon. We’re confused, seek the spiritual, encounter dissolution. We dive into the wreck and emerge out of the deep waters filled with compassion and tenderness.

Monday is unsettling (Uranus). Monday evening (full moon time) is the Solar Festival of Virgo – 16.19 degrees. Virgo informs us “I am the Mother & the Child, I God, I matter, Am.” Virgo (the mother, Earth, matter & form) contains within herself the Spirit of God (Father).

As Father and Mother/matter merge they create the Holy Child (the Soul), which Virgo is gestating, giving birth at Winter Solstice. We begin preparations for Winter solstice at this full moon time. Tuesday, Mercury/Pluto – a message is given to humanity. That things are building toward a deep, we-can’t-go-back-to-the-past, transformative change. We prepare for this, too. Together. Under the light of the full moon.

ARIES: Is work with family and home providing you with a sense of gladness? Are you working hard and getting much accomplished? Are you compromising and/or cooperating with everyone? These neutralize unanticipated conflicts. Wherever you’re living, whatever you’re doing you want and need freedom. Don’t be irritable. Study and travel, climb a mountain, find and wear sturdy shoes. These direct the hidden Martian energy you feel. Helping you pass the tests.

TAURUS: Your behavior at times looks like you’re becoming a Leo. It’s important to express yourself with an “I am” focus, for you need self-proclamations, praise and recognition. Self-denial, discipline, and setting aside any gratifications are not helpful at this time. It’s also important to tend to health and well-being. Invite others to enter help you in times of stress or need. This builds your self-awareness. You’re a good relationship.

GEMINI: Jupiter is progressing through your 3rd house of learning. Do all you can to expand your mind. Then share your experiences and studies with others. You need not push others to agree with your thinking. They already do. They like you. Young people come into your life. They have freer points of view. Assess these newer points of view. What you believe now frames your future. So expansion is important. What are you reading?

CANCER: As your life continues to present unusual events, information becomes absorbed quickly and it’s having a profound effect on your thinking. The solitude you’re experiencing allows deep reflection so new choices can be made. Reflection upon death of a loved one gives you greater life perspectives. Much of the past seems to be shadowing you. Soon they fall away. A new presence has arrived.

LEO: Your thoughts are toward the future, where hopes, wishes and dreams create a revolution of mental activity. You want to have experiences that summon your potential. Don’t be alone all the time. Although you’re independent, there’s a need for interaction with those you trust. A need for playfulness, fun and laughter. Coordinate your needs those of others. And do careful physical exercise. Someone misses you

VIRGO: Each day you’re working hard on spiritual tasks set before you. Suspending many pleasures you focus on each day’s labor. They surprise you with unexpected and unforeseen challenges. Tend to your creativity and health carefully – they are connected. Eliminate foods, drinks, people, events that imbalance your immune system. Think abundant green foods. Daily drink a combination of apple, celery, parsley and cucumber. Organic.

LIBRA: You have many good ideas – a result of your Ray 3 (Divine Intelligence, Right Action) mind. Often with these gifts we can become prideful, creating arguments that separate us, limiting any sharing. This is a developmental phase. Observe the results of what you say and do and then how you feel. Freewill only occurs when we are aware, awake and observant. Have the intention to work on balance and greater harmony. The Mother loves you.

SCORPIO: Money is a special energy. It helps us have what we want and need. It allows us choices between this and that, to learn, to have beauty, make purchases, nurture our body and spirit, and if used wisely money helps us accomplish goals. Most important money helps us share with and assist those in need. Money is made from the mineral and plant kingdoms. We thank them. And many thank you, too, for what you share and give. Give more.

SAGITTARIUS: What you think and feel are most important now. What others think and feel is most important to them, now, too. Therefore, step back and observe everyone’s daily routines, communications and feelings. Others are perhaps unable at this time to tend to your needs, wishes and wants. This allows you time to be creative, innovative, further observing the self. Travel and publishing are good for you. You just may meet someone on their way to where you’re going.

CAPRICORN: Allow all difficult experiences to simply go their way. Your path is different. It seems the world’s actions at times seem to undermine your intentions. You could feel frustration, irritation, and sadness. To ease this situation work more in solitude and consider everything you do as service to humanity. Then all experiences benefit your well-being. Radiate, even in times of unpleasantness, the kindness and Goodwill.

AQUARIUS: Do be sensitive to others because your energy, brilliance, light, actions and thoughts, deeply affect others. Without sensitivity to your impact you can create misunderstandings. It’s best to work alone allowing you freedom and independence. Do everything that empowers others. Don’t overwork and be aware of your body’s requirements. You will achieve and accomplish much at this time. You may meet someone important.

PISCES: Identify your most important goals, visions and ambition. Write down and illustrate these daily. Notice how hard you work with initiative and great effort. It’s best to work in a garden with falling water nearby. Be in the sun daily, especially sunrises and sunsets. Align your energy with everything around you. Life becomes no longer a challenge, but a source of beauty and harmony. Study growing, harvesting, storing and preserving foods. Plant fig, mulberry and citrus trees.


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