Let Isolation Be the Rule—Yet the Crowd Exists

Friday is the Cancer new moon festival. “Let isolation be the rule, yet the crowd exists.” This is how we feel when we are learning how to be in the world. We are in the world yet feel isolated from everything and everyone. Cancer climbs under its Cancer shell for protection. Isolated, even in a crowd. This is the personality-building experience in Cancer. Gradually we “build a lighted house” to dwell in. And invite everyone over.

With the Cancer Sun high above the Earth, humanity is to assimilate this golden light for the rest of the year. To assimilate light our bodies must be filled with light. We are to absorb drink pure fresh water and juices, eat fresh vegetables and fruits grown in Sun. Then the Sun’s golden rays more easily rest in our heart (lotus) and stream out to others. This is how we transform each other.

Cancer is the sign of mother, nurture and nourishment. Solstices bring a state of equilibrium and balance to all life on earth. From solstice and throughout the summer we are to re-organize our diets, breath in the light of the Sun, absorbing the sun’s light through our bodies. These allow the prana (Sanskrit for “life force”, qi, chi, cosmic energy from the Sun streaming through the elements) to easily circulate. We are to be and live in a lightweight, light-filled house (our bodies and environments). Building in the summer our “light-filled house.”

Mercury Direct – Tuesday Mercury is still in the sky, stationary direct, 24 degrees Gemini. Slowly Mercury moves forward. In its shadow till July 16th.

We are too.

ARIES: In past weeks as you initiated (Aries’ task) project after project things always changed, went haywire, something always hindered progress. As this begins to ease, you realize how tired you’ve become pushing the =rock up the hill only to have it fall back down again = rolling over and upon you. Care for yourself now. Nurture your body, emotions, mind and spirit. Until you feel strong and ennobled again.

TAURUS: You’re being provided with information concerning the nurturance and sustaining of humanity’s future. If you’re not in a formal study/school then you’re receiving information from above, impressions falling into your mind, ideas beginning to flow concerning how to create a sustainable and secure future for self and others. The information comes incrementally, step by step. Listen carefully to the messages, directions. Respond immediately.

GEMINI: Read all the signs each week and every week’s introduction so you have access to all the wisdom information. You’re to synthesize all polarities (oppositions, dualities). It takes knowledge to do this. This subtle, esoteric, vital task for Gemini is rarely known. You seek the Ageless Wisdom teachings, the Mysteries, a Teacher and a group. They are here, written for you. The door has opened. Enter soon.

CANCER: You’re alone now. However later you will work with other earth signs, especially Taurus. As they provide the information needed, you will bring financial know-how and a nurturing vitality. You provide the calm directions, intuitive analysis, so others can begin to build new minds and learn. While Taurus provides the Light, you take that light and “build the lighted house” where others can “therein dwell.”

LEO: Are you concerned about finances? Is there a dilemma concerning use of (shared perhaps) resources? For a real flow of money to be available forth, give your money away. Tithe to Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders, UNESCO, Catholic Charities, St. Jude’s Hospital, and Oxfam. Giving to those in need insures our future, our health and self-confidence. Leo is to gather all gifts and offer them to humanity. Humanity, suffering and in need is grateful.

VIRGO: Do you feel your ideas are going nowhere? Do you have goals that seem conflicted and conflicting? Are you feeling conflicted too? It’s possible you’re serious now. Saturn, in your third house of thoughts and thinking is actually the Dweller on the Threshold asking you ‘what are you thinking does it produce Goodwill?” You also could be self-critical. Do not allow this. Begin to serve others like Leo above. Then obstructions are eliminated.

LIBRA: Often your dilemma is between home/family and business/profession. Libra is where decisions are made on how to blend self needs with needs of others, how family fits while pursuing business success. When we stand under and align with the Will-to-Good in all matters, personal and worldly, then Right Choices, Right Actions and Right Relations come forth. Begin each day with these words. “I align with the Will-to-Good.” Visualize this. Your life changes.

SCORPIO: At some point, you will have the courage to face all fears, slowly and confidently. You’ve been feeling too hermetic to move beyond protection, safety and comfort. The money situation will shift as new values and resources emerge. An ending of things is slowly taking place. You thought you were the only one who transforms. Watch as humanity begins to experience what it’s like to be under the tutelage of Scorpio (Saturn in Scorpio). Life transforms for everyone.

SAGITTARIUS: Here are a few tasks for you to tend to in the coming months. Tend to all financial responsibilities before they’re due. Tend to the care and conservation of your energy (self, money, resources). Tend to family and friends with loving care and understanding. Realize nothing is moving swiftly now including career. Everything’s down under. Go slowly each day. Ambition is good and dreams come true – in right timing.

CAPRICORN: A bit of travel would be good. Most likely you can’t travel now due to work schedules, not the right timing, pre-planned agendas, etc. By August you may have more time. In the meantime what’s local is where you feel the most comfort, will learn the most and be most interested (and interesting to others). Ask for what’s needed always. Be careful of other drivers. Maintain your car(s).

AQUARIUS: People think different things about Aquarians – impractical, too fast, rigid or lacking in discipline. None of these really apply. Often you’re practical especially concerning money and finances. You seek closeness with others and make choices based on who loves and cares for you. For now, take extra care with resources and money. Careful with communication. Speak clearly and slowly. Someone loving comes your way.

PISCES: You have attempted to gain independence recently in order to express your gifts and unique talents freely and without hindrances. You will re-examine your choices and reassess in coming months. You will see where and how you’re needed in the future. Write out what you seek to express and where you need to be for this to come forth. Who is impacted by your decisions and what would improve, enhance and enrich your life?

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