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The Last Remnants of The Wild West

What is Net Neutrality? Everywhere I go online, websites are railing against regulations being passed by the FCC and contested in Washington, but how would it affect someone on the day-to-day?


Millenials Still Wanna Know What Love Is

On Saturday, I got to watch two of my high school friends profess their love and commit to each other at their beautiful wedding in Rogers.

Advice Risa's Astrology


Sun enters the sign and magnetic field of Cancer, Gate where Spirit enters form, Saturday at 3:51 am (Pacific time). Summer begins in the northern hemisphere.


We All Scream for Ice Cream

It will officially be summer on Saturday and for the past couple of years, I’ve written about things to do that will bring back your childhood summers.


Feminist Voice: Beyoncé’s Time Magazine Cover Is Far From ‘Flawless'

Last month, The New School hosted a public discussion between some prominent Black female activists, including the feminist scholar, bell hooks.

Advice Advice Goddess

Bridle Party and June Wetting

Unless your girlfriend’s name is Moses and she’s just come back from a mountaintop chat with God, she doesn’t get to hand down commandments: “You look at some other woman’s woohoobies and I’ll ask The Big Guy to smite you.”

Making Ripples

Making Ripples: Cisterns 101

Harvesting rainwater may seem like herding raindrop-shaped cats, but with the right system, it could really work to meet your water usage goals.

Family Friendly

Fayetteville Air Museum to Host Airport Days

In an effort to promote community awareness and encourage attendance, the Arkansas Air and Military Museum, located at 4290 School Ave., in Fayetteville, will be hosting “Airport Days at the Museum” on the third Saturday of each month through the summer.


Freekly News Racks Get A Makeover: Local Artists Contribute to Art Project

The Free Weekly’s newspaper-stand art project began several months ago and was designed to do just that – to help jump start t he public art movement in Fayetteville; to beautify the vessels in which the publication is delivered along with the space where it resides; and to give artists an outlet for their talent and exposure to the community at large.