Mercury Retrograde & Gemini Festival Preparations

The New Group of World Servers is preparing for the Gemini Solar Festival (at the time of the new moon) occurring next Thursday, June 12th. This third of the Three Spring Festivals (Aries, Taurus, Gemini) is accompanied by the cosmic Forces of Reconstruction) This festival is also called the Festival of Humanity and World Invocation Day. This World Prayer is the Mantram of Direction for humanity. We prepare for the Gemini Festival through Confidence (steadying our lower rational mind), Aspiration (aspiring to participate with the New Group of World Servers) and Dedication (holding our mind steady in the Light).

Saturday morning the 2nd Mercury retrograde (3 degrees Cancer) of 2014 begins (4:56 am Pacific time), remaining retrograde ‘til July 1st. The next Mercury retrograde occurs October 4 – 25th in Scorpio/Libra. It’s good to plan for retrogrades beforehand. Why? During retrogrades it’s not advisable to sign contracts, initiate new plans or studies, make major decisions or large purchases (car, house, appliances, investments, etc.). Our minds shift and change after retrogrades. During retrogrades we see the world through a haze or veil. Things break down, connections and communications are difficult. We absorb information more slowly. Everyone’s internal (except for those born in Mercury retrograde. These are the “silent ones.” When Mercury retrogrades they begin to talk endlessly). It’s best during retrogrades to review information, reorganize, reorder, reassess and reflect upon previous agendas, decisions, plans and studies. Because our minds are now overflowing with too much information gathered since the last retrograde. During Mercury retrograde revelations occur. Clearing the mind to begin gathering new information when Mercury is direct again.

ARIES: Study is boring at first to initiating Aries. They need to start things, always be first, not get too deep, and use their wit and sharp mind for mental bravery and sports metaphors. In class, before the teacher completes a question, notice the first hand waving is Aries. Later in life this very same Aries will become the brilliant wit, philosopher extraordinaire and the one who synthesizes (Ray 7) vast information. During retrogrades they can feel puzzled.

TAURUS: They don’t talk much and can’t take pop quizzes or write long paragraphs. They’re deep thinkers and one never knows if, and when, they’ll be ready to do a class project. They gather information and when older, have more money and real estate than any of us, saving everything for the seventh generation. Ask them about real estate, banking, wealth and gold. They illuminate us.

GEMINI: They talk and talk charming us out of responsibilities. They know bits about everything. They’re not supposed to be in depth. They’re supposed to make us curious enough so that we go deeper, not them. They read everything from milk cartons to small bits of paper, are very curious, doing seven things at once. They present dual realities so we can choose. They can’t.

CANCER: They know how everyone’s feeling. They learn through sentiments in the air, understanding emotions. Wherever they are, they dispense warm cookies, hot tea and cocoa, for everywhere is home. All Cancers are mothers, remembering everything accurately — facts, figures, dates, events, how the past relates to the future, and how many times you hurt their feelings.

LEO: This is the professor in training, the dramatist, the power leader, the one with will and stamina in direct contact with the Sun. Creativity is essential. They display their creations and their personality in order to be recognized and appreciated. Praise helps them grow, unable to evolve without it. In a classroom they are the shadow teacher. Someday they’ll create their own institute, academy, church or college leading with both heart and mind.

VIRGO: This is the librarian, organizing all of Gemini’s unrelated facts, setting them in order creating catalogues of information on-line. Virgos are hidden behind pursed lips and almost closed eyes researching and ordering everything in minute detail. They really need to play more in between focusing time on details, percentages, and efficiency. They never give all of themselves away.

LIBRA: Libra’s task is to enter situations and create chaos in order to bring forth harmony and balance. But only after destroying the harmony that previously existed. Learning for Libra is about having many relationships. In a group they lead by understanding how everything connects. The optimum learning environment for Libra contains flowers, calm colors, art, order and beauty. They bring culture to all relationships.

SCORPIO: The student in the back of the classroom in black or deep purple and wearing sunglasses is Scorpio. Their eyes penetrate to the heart of all matter. They know all the answers but tell no one. They work alone, make excellent surgeons, and have a depth of knowledge matched only by Pisces. They don’t like questions or anyone knowing their business. They make good detectives and often direct Mystery (Wisdom) Schools.

SAGITTARIUS: These are the professors on sabbatical even when they’re teaching. Education is something they find while traveling, carrying mail, opening a publishing house, or eating in every restaurant in the world. Loving food they are hidden epicures. Always optimistic, they glide over details better than a Gemini. In the classroom these are the students who seek the “why” of everything. They are the “rider on the white horse galloping toward the goal.

CAPRICORN: This is the rational and serious student always looking ahead. They study for hours, slowly constructing initiate minds. Capricorn is a realist, disciplined and purposeful, ambitiously working towards objectives. One day, an exhausted goat/unicorn, they fall off the Himalayas, land in the middle of a Gemini Festival of Humanity, discovering spirituality. Capricorns have the keys to the kingdom. Always befriend them.

AQUARIUS: They come from the future so few understand them. They learn differently, wait till the last moment, and things dull (like yesterday) bores them. Extraordinarily inventive, they need freedom, time, and space. Speed and movement help them think. They make unusual artists and love things glass-like and fiery. Their minds function more like lightning. They are the waters of life poured forth for thirsty humanity.

PISCES: Well, here we are a bit confused in the retrograde – how Pisces often feels. Pisces is a perplexed sign not knowing their purpose on Earth. Classrooms stifle them, assignments and deadlines are not understood and time is mysterious. When given care and explanations they assemble themselves and begin to work. They learn intuitively and need everything to relate to everything else. When asked a question they know the spiritual side of a subject, which is actually the essence of the inquiry. Well-constructed shoes keep them safe.


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