Let Instability Do Its Work

By Risa D’Angeles

Venus is rising before dawn in the morning sky. The evening sky has Mercury, Jupiter and Mars moving about.

Esoteric Astrology as news for week May 29 – June 4, 2014

Gemini – A Line of Light Beams

We’re half way through 2014 which always occurs in Gemini, sign of duality and the two brothers, Castor and Pollux, (one dimming, one growing in light – signifying personality and Soul lights). Each of the 12 signs provides humanity with a distinctly different light (message), revealing twelve personality-Soul interactions.

Gemini, a line of light beams, has the task of illuminating dualities, which produces tension which produces conflict which seeks harmony. The conflict (purposeful) is from Mercury, Star of Conflict. Venus then steps in harmonizing the conflict. Duality in our world is everywhere – light/dark, up/down, day/night, male/female, right/wrong, etc. It is purposeful revealing the ultimate duality of Spirit (Father) and matter (Mother). Gemini provides us with the conscious awareness (light) of that relationship. Gemini’s activities and communication personify duality leading to conflict. It’s their task. Gemini’s mutable air produces constant change, movement, fluctuations, unrest, instability, new experiences within relationships. This explains further Gemini personality-building keynote – “Let instability do its work.” Unrest, duality, instability have purpose. When we perceive duality (two realities) we are able to make choices. When in a constant state of unrest, we seek harmony. During Gemini we see changes, mutations, adjustments. Everything’s fluid. Gemini, with Mercury, builds the Antakarana (Sanskrit), Rainbow Bridge of Light from the personality to the Soul. A great work occurs in Gemini. We are all the two brothers during Gemini. It’s in Gemini when we first begin to choose.

ARIES: Whatever you value – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual – begin envisioning them into manifestation. The last months have been about planning. Now, till June 7 begin to envision their appearance, negotiating and cooperating with others. As you define your plans and goals, you also define values. It’s good for everyone to know where you stand. Business activities are important. Life seems more elaborate. Elaborate more.

TAURUS: In the shower, around water, while driving, talking or walking, waterfall of thought flows into your mind to be instantly forgotten. They’re not lost, however. They’re embedding themselves into your imagination for later use. Others see you as constantly changing while standing still. You’re doing deep inner work not seen by many. New projects are impressed upon your mind for humanity’s welfare. Few understand.

GEMINI: As more self-awareness unfolds there’s less ability adapting to previous ideas and ways of being. Gradually you form new alliances and realities influenced by the new Aquarian Laws and Principles. You move here and there between old and new ‘til the more inclusive Aquarian principles anchor. Tend to the earth (Ray 3) and her kingdoms all around you. It’s your spiritual Venusian task helping in your new becoming.

CANCER: If you observe carefully you discover your mind restructuring itself, gaining new dimensions, creating new understandings of self and others. What you feared before is replaced with preparation for times to come. You’re aware of the changes accelerating daily in the world. No longer in resistance you now cooperate with those changes. Spirit comes into matter (mater, mother) through you and your garden.

LEO: As the past continues to be present consider it a gift allowing you to remember, forgive and release many behaviors, in retrospect, you may not be happy with. Here’s a way to redo and correct the past, bringing love to all interactions. When an event/interaction is remembered, redo it by re-visualizing what should have occurred. Healing in your heart then occurs, forgiveness, too, and the past is over.

VIRGO: First read Leo for healing and release from past wounds. All becomes forgiven. Consider all relationships, asking yourself how they’ve changed in the past seven years. In what ways did you create that change and in what ways have you changed through these encounters? A new internal seven-year cycle (of change) begins. You will be different than before. Standing on a higher level of the spiral of life.

LIBRA: Family affects you profoundly. Very deep changes within the family occurred throughout your life. You made choices years ago that affected relations with family. Are those choices still in effect? Who is your family now? You reflect upon these thoughts both as a child within a family and as an adult creating your own family. What resources from childhood do you bring to your adulthood? Has gratitude found you yet?

SCORPIO: The past month’s planets have brought a focus to self-esteem, childhood issues, communication, religion and their nurturing effect. What thoughts came forth, what wounds surfaced, what dissolved, what became larger than life, and how did these affect you? The past weeks have been difficult, altering your life in some way. Now there will be a drive toward new relationships. Do not be irritable, angry or pushy. Be constant, kind and patient. Like Taurus, your sustaining shadow self.

SAGITTARIUS: If I write about giving, what do you immediately think about? I will write about giving because it’s the most powerful of all actions creating a magnetic force field directing us toward others and directly into our future. When giving to others in small ways and large, a great love encompasses us. Alchemy happens actually. We become free, liberated. When we give we are then given to. It takes a great and courageous spirit to do this. Quite like your spirit, hiding.

CAPRICORN: The ways you’ve handled money and resources has been good. However, a change now occurring in the use of money and resources will make you more aware of monetary inflow and outflow so you can better save and prepare for the future, adjust to coming times in ecological, innovative, informed, and sustained ways. This is what “permaculture” means as it defines and organizes natural systems. What would it mean to be a “permaculture family system?”

AQUARIUS: Scorpio’s questions are also for you. They define past weeks and coming times which will bring forth transformations. Ask yourself – what is wounding you, what feels vulnerable, what issues are you concerned with, what in your life needs care, tending and healing, what’s almost too much to handle and what’s dissolving. Know that many in your life stand with you. Answering these questions, pondering them, clarifies your present life. We love you.

PISCES: A life event will be occurring that bridges the past with the present/future creating within you a new self-identity and a new and better way to care for self while helping and serving others. You continue to need extra care, rest and tending amidst solitude. A wound slowly heals; something is taken away so that a new, greater, larger, more loving Presence comes forth. Mantras are a sustaining solace. Here is one to recite – ”The joy of the Divine Self is my strength. At the center of all Love I stand.”


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