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Cover Story

Beer Bedouins, Aura Art and the Great Ale Mystery

As a lager drinker, my taste buds never understood the mass appeal of ales and IPAs.

Advice Risa's Astrology

Let Instability Do Its Work

Venus is rising before dawn in the morning sky. The evening sky has Mercury, Jupiter and Mars moving about.

Legacy Archive

Omni’s 9th Annual Peace Garden Tour

Nine uniquely beautiful Fayetteville gardens – and their dedicated gardeners — welcome the public to share a diversity of garden design and purpose.

Making Ripples

Greening the Grill

Solar cookers are becoming increasingly popular.


Reaction to Gay Marriage Ruling

I’ve given up trying to figure out why some people are so against homosexuality.


Hi, I’m the New Guy

Hello Free Weekly readers, my name is Nick Brothers, and I’m your new editor.