Omni’s 9th Annual Peace Garden Tour

Nine uniquely beautiful Fayetteville gardens – and their dedicated gardeners — welcome the public to share a diversity of garden design and purpose in this year’s Onmi Peace Garden Tour from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday.

The range of gardens is impressive: arboretum to rock gardens of lilies, larkspur and roses; a garden designed for water capture; a fully organic garden; a streetscape gem of a flower garden. The popular tour welcomes everyone for a casual day of tour. One $10 ticket includes admission to any or all of these nine Fayetteville gardens. Come visit with the Peace Gardeners and enjoy the beauty, ecology and variety of these gardens.

Music and refreshments will be featured throughout the tour. Tickets will be available the day of the event at each Peace Garden, or in advance through The Omni Center.

The tour includes:

• “Rainwater Preserve: Slow It, Save It, Store It,” Joyce Hale, 285 Cleburn St.

• “Geshe’s Garden of Peace, Joy, Health and Happiness,” Geshe Dorjee, 235 Louise St.

• “Emily’s No-Plant-Left-Behind Peace Garden,” Emily Kaitz, 5 E. Davidson St.

• “Heartwood Galley Garden,” Anita and Edward Hejtmanek, 428 S. Government St.

• “World Peace Wetland Prairie,” A city-owned, volunteer developed nature park, 1121 S. Duncan Ave.

• “Spring Street Urban Food and Fragrance Garden,” Davi Jai and Roger Henry, 148 E. Spring St.

• “Cafe de Cerf,” (Deer Cafe), Julie and Andy Feinstein, 515 E. Rock St.

• “The Greenhouse Garden,” Kitty Gay, 324 E. Sutton St.

• “Peace Rock Garden and Arboretum,” Dick Bennett, 2582 Jimmie Ave.

The Omni Peace Gardens Network was established to promote and demonstrate the relationship between a stewardship of nature and the resulting benefits of providing the beauty of flowers, producing the bounty of food, and establishing environments of peace. The first Peace Gardens Tour was held in 2006. All proceeds benefit Omni Center programs. Visit for more information.

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