Let Instability Do Its Work

Venus is rising before dawn in the morning sky. The evening sky has Mercury, Jupiter and Mars moving about.

Thursday, Pisces moon; things can be delicate, illusory, confusing, illogical (not to a Pisces) and dreamy. Everything veiled, cloaked and indirect. Friday is different. Aries moon begins Friday morning, continuing through early Sunday morning. Things become sharp, red, focused, a trajectory of thoughts and action wanting to move forward unrelentingly. We can’t. We feel impatient, life seems urgent.

Saturday is a “trigger point” day, as the moon aspects (touches) the Cardinal Cross planets – Mars, Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter. And touches Saturn, too as Jupiter trines (harmony) Saturn. An intense complex day. With crisis, expansion, contraction, harmony and discipline. Plans may go awry.

Sunday is quieter with a moon void/course (no action) till late afternoon when Moon enters comforting and safe Taurus.

Monday’s Memorial Day – previously Decoration Day, originating in the American Civil War – is a national holiday honoring those who have died in service to our country, upholding humanity’s freedoms. We remember and our gratitude – our gratitude extending to all countries, all of humanity.

Wednesday is new moon (7 degrees Gemini), the last before summer. It’s keynote – “Let instability do its work,” expresses the unpredictable changes, constant vicissitudes, lack of stability, structure, cohesion and unity among humanity, countries and nations (a certain developmental stage). Instability has purpose, creating awareness that harmony is needed.

Understanding Gemini’s personality-building keynote is important when encountering instability, conflict and chaos in our lives and the lives of other. Understanding the keynote allows us to have compassion and understanding when instability, conflict and chaos are experienced.

ARIES: You will ponder upon what it means to be professional, successful, in the world, responsible, able to care for self and others. You will be proud of your realizations. Or else you will choose that from this time onward you will succeed, enter into a state of professionalism and climb whatever ladder presented no matter how high. Or you will know you’re in service to the new culture and civilization and serve even more.

TAURUS: It’s important to go beyond what you now know and what you’ve been schooled in. It’s important your area of knowledge expand, your cultural interests increase and your interaction with that which is unknown as yet multiply. Your life could become one long furrow where only one plant is being sowed. You would be impatient with that. You are the garden and the gardener. Study aquaponics. What is the most ancient fish?

GEMINI: I must ask if there are emotions, thoughts, feeling keeping you from parts of life you need to pursue? I think perhaps, yes, this is true. Your life is reviewing itself, asking what are you capable of, what truths have you been unable to face, and what progress can you soon engage in? The deepest of feelings you will encounter in the coming year. Stand always under the light of the Soul. Which for you is Venus.

CANCER: You will seek more intimacy with others, even though at time you turn away, seeking solitude instead. However, this intimacy will occur in good ways and you will help make it happen. You’ll also take steps to make right decisions concerning your needs. As a result a state of balance will emerge where you see all sides of all things that matter. Then all judgments drop forever and ever.

LEO: Some time soon you’ll shift into a strict health regime that actually feels good as it will enhance your physical, etheric (template for form), emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. You’ll find you can be strict with right exercise, foods and diet. You’ll be detailed, discriminating and dispassionate when making decisions. You’ll actually reflect a high level of Virgo’s purity.

VIRGO: And you will reflect the energies of Leo, as Leo becomes Virgo. An interesting paradox. You will feel confidence like never before and all self-doubt fades away. You’ll feel like you have a dancer’s grace, a yogi’s flexibility, the creativity of a Leo, Cancer’s nurturing qualities, and Libra’s Right Human Relations of Libra. This is a synthesis of many signs seeking to bring inner equanimity to all of you.

LIBRA: You’ve been and will continue taking time away from distractions and things stressful in order to review your life, its possibilities, what you like and don’t like, need and don’t need, what’s hurtful, painful and an event and decision you haven’t been able to confront for many years now. In this semi-reflective retreat which you need, you realize what must be done. Apply kind gentleness to everything.

SCORPIO: Although you think and feel you can do anything and everything at a moment’s notice it’s best if you don’t. Yes, you will feel like a spirited wind blowing everywhere but if you’re not careful knowing all’s well, your dreams will dissolve and you’ll remain bereft (sad and lonely). Even if a wound is being felt, even if all seems lost, keep walking. The new path appears soon.

SAGITTARIUS: You’re assessing all places and environments, asking are they right and pleasing enough. You’re asking how do I value myself? Do I? If so what do I value?. Being of value is quite different than being creative or having self-confidence or being hugely successful. For the next months ponder upon what you value about yourself and how you came to those awarenesses. This is a real astrological homework assignment.

CAPRICORN: You’re ready to go up up and away. You’re prepared to conquer the world and you have the energy, courage and impulsiveness to try. Once you begin this journey, know that the results may not be instant. If there are detours, ask for help then fall back on your ambitious energy. You have gone back to a previous adventure and reacquainted yourself with it. Wear good shoes.

AQUARIUS: You have this time to be the successful creative artist (writer, painter, dancer, photographer, actor, publisher, etc.) you know you are. It’s time to expand yourself into a greater artistic field. Inner aspiration and revelations, which propel us toward newer pursuits, will be available. As the doors open to intuition, the strength of body and mind to bring them forth emerges. It’s a revelatory time for you.

PISCES: It is important to know you have your own guidance and ways of being. Who and what kingdom is in need of care around you? You are the perfect one to tend to them. Should death (the Great Liberating Adventure) occur around you be sure to have The Great Bell Chant (YouTube), sandalwood incense, orange lights and the “Tibetan Book of Living and Dying” by Sogyal Rinpoche. Study also, Sir Edwin Arnold’s “Light of Asia.” See” http://www.buddhanet.net/pdf_file/lightasia.pdf – you will understand why.

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