Taurus — Venus, Beauty, Magnetism, Music & Order

Taurus is the first earth sign after the fires of Aries. As Aries initiates new realities, Taurus anchors them into form and matter. Taurus, the form aspect of creation, is governed (on the personality-building level) by Venus, expressing itself through beauty and love. Venus fuses dualities– women/men, dark/light, heaven/earth, night/day. Beauty, as we perceive it, is the divinity reflected in form. In the East, Venus is the goddess Lakshmi, the inner Venusian beauty reflected in Taurus. This divine inner world of beauty is pulsating, vibrant and effervescent. We see this in nature. Gazing upon beauty creates magnetism in our aura and restores order. Real beauty is simple, uncomplicated, undemanding and pure. Our bodies, emotions, thoughts and surroundings must always be pure, clean and beautiful. Through beauty, truth is expressed.

Taurus, sign of beauty, rules the throat. Taurus communicates, not in the usual ways, but through song, singing and music. The Ageless Wisdom informs us “in the next century singers will tap into divine reservoirs of inspiration. Using a new method and technique of breathing they will bring forth a new sound. From this the Soul and its sound will sweep into the centers (chakras) and our world and expel the past.

Tuesday, as Sun enters Gemini, a new vibrational sound begins – of meadows in flower, butterflies, nectar, duality, Mercury building the Rainbow Bridge, colonies and buzzing of bees – all Venusian.

Mars, retrograde in Libra since March 1st, turns stationary direct (9 degrees Libra) Monday (19th). On June 7th Mercury retrogrades 3 degrees Cancer. Ceaseless retrogrades. We prepare together through knowledge.


ARIES: Notice your focus on others understanding you, most important during retrograde times. However if others are non-receptive for their own protection, limit communication. This is best. There’s much you want to say. Think over thoughts, ideas and communications making sure you’re clear and precise. You are doing your best. These are not easy times. You’re good enough.

TAURUS: Your activities are now based upon much ongoing research, based upon a value system of care you express and maintain. It’s important to focus on finances – new ways of creating resources to stabilize your life and the life and future of others. Careful with health. Should there be a chronic illness seek medical help while also including alternative modalities. What past behavior, choices, things need releasing?

GEMINI: Wanting to progress forward, you’re impatiently leaping ahead with thoughts and conclusions before all the information’s in. It’s difficult to focus energies outward during constant retrogrades especially for Gemini usually outward-focused until the Soul assumes direction. Notice jumping into situations then retreating. Observing behaviors, choices and thoughts allows for a deeper self-identity – artfully and creatively changing once again.

CANCER: There’s a constant need to understand the reality and truth of what you see, hear, feel, and experience. This is deep spiritual work. Remembering past circumstances and choices made the last several years you can become introverted, replaying conversations in your mind until exhausted. This is difficult. Be aware that your family is fine, taking care of themselves, experiencing life’s tests. And they need you.

LEO: Your mind seeks the greater meaning of life. You’re hunting a rainbow and a pot of gold. While many people love and cherish you, are you remaining rather detached? You’re a loner, a hermit at times, yet need people to inspire you, and, in turn, to be inspired by you. Are you thinking of all you could have done, but didn’t? Read John Donne’s Holy Sonnet XIV. “Batter my heart…”

VIRGO: Reflecting on past achievements, do they measure up to your expectations? You realize due to family training your self-expression can feel hidden and somewhat cautious. The same structures that have built your past will build your future. All life issues help you discover a new life direction. You will recreate your past relationships conditions and assess them. Then you will create a new future. It will be free of the past.

LIBRA: Are you moving forward and backward, expanding and contracting while removed from a stable center? Self identity and identity within relationships are two sides of the same golden coin. Do not trivialize what’s most important. Notice dualities and polarities. They expand and strengthen your awareness. What’s most important is realizing that through constant intentions for Goodwill, which creates Right Relations you finally, come to a state of active balance and peace. What needs forgiven?

SCORPIO: You’re the deepest thinker always entering into the heart of life’s meanings. This is good. However you can be misunderstood because, as others accept superficial answers, you do not. Sometimes you shy away from intimacy. Keeping thoughts and ideas to yourself you can become isolating. Try not to have this happen. Instead force yourself to communicate. You will regenerate yourself and others. This takes courage.

SAGITTARIUS: Present experiences are teaching you to balance your ideas and needs with needs of others. Although you may feel hampered by this, your self-expression and understanding become enhanced. It’s a paradox (as usual). Should you be feeling more indecisive than usual, wait awhile. Your inner self and mind are evaluating past occurrence in order to fashion your future. Don’t worry. Be happy. Actually you ARE happy! You too should read John Donne’s Holy Sonnet XIV.

CAPRICORN: If you’re analyzing reality through the eyes of others you may feel some frustration. Remember conflict is the first step toward a greater harmony. You’re capable of harmonizing all realities – partner, children, relationships, siblings, friends, family, work. To do this effectively you must have time for yourself and time to sort out your own conflicts. You also need rest, weekly massages, warm waters, help and love in all its forms. Ask for everything.

AQUARIUS: Your ability to analyze and organize brings you comfort. Do you sense others are expecting what you can’t deliver? Creating nervousness and later resentment. Don’t be overly critical of yourself. Much of your time is spent thinking you should be doing more. If you simply organize your life (papers, clothes, objects, possessions, art, etc.) you will be able to do more. Get a file cabinet and files. Find a barn.

PISCES: Safety, security and a home are on your mind, and the need to be in an environment where you feel sure of yourself. This is not available in the outer world. It’s possible you feel quite alone. Something very important seems to end, family becomes most important yet they remain on the periphery. You tend to duties and tasks that are at times overwhelming. Nevertheless, you are diligent, hard working, and practical. Pray for a safe and secure home in community.

Risa, writer, founder & director Esoteric & Astrological Studies & Research Institute, a contemporary Wisdom School studying the Ageless Wisdom teachings. The foundation of the Teachings is Astrology & the Seven Rays. Email: risagoodwill@gmail.com. Web journal: www.nightlightnews.com. Facebook: Risa’s Esoteric Astrology

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