Aries Solar Festival, Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse

Restoration & Resurrection

By Risas D’Angeles

Sunday is Palm Sunday. Symbolizing victory and triumph, paradise, sacrifice and martyrdom, the Pisces World Teacher entered Jerusalem (City of Peace) on a donkey (signifying humility). In ancient art Christ is portrayed in heaven amidst palm trees (date palm). We are preparing for Wednesday’s total lunar eclipse (something in form disappears, it’s work completed) and the first Spring Festival, the Aries solar festival (12:42 am, Pacific time, 25 degrees Libra/Aries), the first Full Moon of the new spiritual year.

The Aries Festival is also called the Resurrection (Easter) Festival. During the festival the Forces of Reconstruction enter the Earth. Our work in these days of transition is to begin the reconstruction of humanity and the Earth. Thus we recite the Reconstruction Mantram (below) along with the Great Invocation (Mantrams of Direction). Everyone is invited to join in this full moon meditation.

Our group work during this Aries festival time, “links our minds and hearts, leads us to intelligent loving service, binds us all together in the closest spiritual unity. It aids in the vitalizing of the etheric (subtle, light) bodies of all Workers, and therefore in a group vitality which will be irresistible.”

Let us identify as the New Group of World Servers. Let us help restore the balance on Earth through this mantram, weaving another, newer pattern upon the Earth, another garment formed. We listen to the further worlds, to the rhythm of the times. We establish right rhythm & bring order to the forms of life. We breathe in the heavenly fire (Aries). Radiating it outward to humanity. And all things new come forth.

Reconstruction Mantram

At the center of all Love we stand.

From that Center, we the Soul will outward move.

From that Center, we the Ones who serve will work.

May the Love of the Divine Self be shed abroad.

In our hearts, through our group, and throughout the world.

ARIES: It may be there’s confusion and perhaps conflict in your life which you allow to remain internal. Are you working alone and is there anxiety about how you will succeed? Whatever you attempt to do now, let quietude and reflection bring feelings forth. In this way you make profound discoveries. Anything you feel you can’t do now, you will do in several months. Patience heals.

TAURUS: Careful not to argue with friends or groups. You may feel a challenge is necessary. However, it may be misinterpreted by others with anger and defensiveness. Maintain as much equilibrium as you can even though feelings of frustration arise. When called to lead you will be fiery and intellectual. People listen and learn from you. Summon your confidence. Be the harmonizer and the artist.

GEMINI: It’s important to you that ideas are acted upon and plans and agendas be completed. Working independently makes this occur more easily. You want to succeed so you become practical, avoiding conflict at all costs. Be aware that should you be the boss you may be a bit too strict, ask too much, and seek results that are unobtainable. Step back and down a bit. Ask what it is you truly seek from self and others.

CANCER: There are things to learn, unfamiliar things to explore, ideas to ponder and experience to gain – your mantram these days. You seek the last frontier where angels tread. In assessing hopes, wishes, dreams and goals, listen to what others say setting aside impatience. Think of conflicts and challenges as ways to get you from here to there leading you everywhere.

LEO: Research and discovery are values you find most interesting. Reading detective and mystery novels fill a bit of that need. Otherwise you’re wondering what you can discover that’s hidden, unknown and valuable. This sounds like money and resources. Observe your quick and decisive mind and making decisions each second. Careful with resources. Think gold, silver and land.

VIRGO: It’s important to know that to lead well one must have love, charm, willingness and lots of compromise. If you want harmony. If you’re confrontive, which you could be now, arguments may ensue. Think of your partner as a treasure, as a warrior, a hero or heroine. Working with others isn’t easy now. You have a very determined will. Independence is good. But not all the time.

LIBRA: You’re working hard. Many can’t work as efficiently as you. You must always explain your expectations to others or expect less of them. It’s important to feel you’re serving and part of a group. Without acts of service your work becomes empty. Often you know what others need before realizing what they want. You must understand both. Then your depth of service is received.

SCORPIO: In the midst of change, pleasure, fun, games, friends and amusements are important for balance. Sometimes Scorpios are so psychologically busy regenerating that pleasurable experiences are forgotten. You often have your own amusements, pursuing them quite alone. Careful. Covering up feelings with seeming happiness or joy. You could hurt yourself. All’s well no matter what occurs.

SAGITTARIUS: Some Sags left their cultures and traditions to create their own. Then they want to go home again, to childhood, neighborhoods, family and friends. You’re called to do this but within the context of work. Then you find it comforting and nurturing. In between times, notice there’s a bit of impatience and perhaps a bit of anger. Remember that conflict always leads to the next harmony.

CAPRICORN: Think outside the box, communicating thoughts and feelings, not holding them in. Be more assertive, more involved in articulating what you want and need. Day to day. Your thoughts come quickly Begin to write. Writing is a good activity, whether a journal, article, a book or music. Reviewing and recording your daily life events. It will be important later.

AQUARIUS: You’re concerned about money. Some Aquarians wonder how to acquire it. Others wonder what to do with it. For those with lots of money, transfer it into commodities (land, farms, etc.), gold, silver, non-perishables and gather with others who are like-minded, creating an intentional agrarian community. Construct a greenhouse and begin to plant underground. I’ve written this before. Why?

PISCES: You’ve become honest and straightforward. It’s important to be strong now, to initiate and then follow up. When conflict arises attempt to communicate what you see, hoping for harmony to emerge. However, others don’t feel the same way. Many only see one side. Facing the opposition, you stand alone. Just for a while. Tend to your health with focused loving care.

Risa, writer, founder & director

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