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Gone With The Windex

By Amy Alkon I’m a woman sharing a house with several roommates. We’re all in our mid-20s. This one male roommate and I sometimes cook meals together, and we share

Family Friendly

Keeping Cultural Arts Alive

Staff Report In the early 1900’s, the exact date unknown, the Muxen family traveled to Iowa through the Boston Mountains on their way to Hot Springs. Clara Muxen and her


Fear-Based Health Care

By Terrah Baker It started with a bump on my nose. And if you’ve kept up with my columns in the last month, you’d know it ended as a diagnosis

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Taurus New Moon Solar Eclipse – Something Essential Disappears

By Risa D’Angeles Lunar & solar eclipses follow one another. Lunar eclipses occur at full moons, solar eclipses at new moons. Two weeks ago at the full moon we had

Cover Story

57 Turtles, And One Great Day on the Buffalo River

By Matt Bishop 57 Turtles. 15+ Waterfalls. 1 rogue wave. Zero Snakes. Now is the time to get the kids on the Buffalo River. On a Monday in mid-April, the

Making Ripples

Owls: Mystery of the Night

By Amanda Bancroft And for most creatures, owls are something to take seriously. Owls are carnivores and have a diverse diet of rodents, mammals, fish, birds, reptiles and insects. They