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Become An Artist Of Artosphere Walton Arts Center is seeking proposals from visual and performing artists as part of the 2014 Artosphere: Arkansas’ Arts & Nature Festival. The 2014 Artosphere

Making Ripples

The U.S. Military’s War on Climate Change

  By Amanda Bancroft You might have a hard time convincing your neighbor alternative energy is not just for hippies, but the military is already convinced. Without donning flower wreaths

Advice Risa's Astrology

All the Kings Horses & All the Kings Men

This is a potent week leading up to Wednesday, September 18th when a Yod, Finger (Will, Direction) of God (sextile and two inconjuncts) points to the Gemini rising and Uranus


Scott And The 110-Foot Erection

“…Instead of dotting the landscape of our country with 110-foot torture devices, they should spend that money on helping the community.” By Rachel Birdsell Scott Thomas, pastor of Brandon, Miss.’s,


More bombs, More blood? No Way … We need Christlike Love.

As we are poised to bomb yet another nation of poor, frightened and shivering children, we must pause and ask “why?” Well, the corruption and control by the rich is


Bottle Rocket Gallery Brings Controversial Art To NWA

  By Terrah Baker Local artists Kat Wilson and Sarah Leflar were inspired by the small studio that stands in front of Leflar’s home on the outskirts of Fayetteville. Quaint


White Lotus Offers Artists, Patrons Needed Outlet

  By Terrah Baker For seven years, White Lotus Salon and Massage owner Patricia Kulish has featured monthly a local artist at her location at 4750 E. Mission Blvd. in

Advice Advice Goddess

Groin Pains

By Amy Alkon I’m 21, and I’ve just gotten my first girlfriend, this amazing girl I’ve known since high school. I lost my virginity to her, and I’ve since started


Graffiti Gets Covered Up, Prevented With Murals

  By Terrah Baker Graffiti plagues many large cites with bad language, scenes and reminders of violence with signatures of gang members and their turf. Well, Corporal Daniel Montgomery —