More bombs, More blood? No Way … We need Christlike Love.

More bombs, More blood? No Way … We need Christlike Love.
Syrian Violence LTE

Unidentified children participate in a demonstration protesting Syrian authorities’ violence, on May 29, 2012 in Istanbul, Turkey.

As we are poised to bomb yet another nation of poor, frightened and shivering children, we must pause and ask “why?”

Well, the corruption and control by the rich is easy to see. We can plainly see how corporations are funding the campaigns of both major parties. Clear corruption. Like the C.I.A. and the Iraq War, Conspiracy Fact.

We can clearly see how the Supreme Court created corporate personhood and the doctrine that money equals speech. We can see that with Citizens United, millionaires can secretly spend unlimited amounts on the campaigns of puppet politicians. We can see how politicians and lawyers are professional liars, manipulating language for evil purposes.

We can see how GDP and “growth” are cancerous measures of economic health. We can see how factory farming is destroying the planet and poisoning our bodies. We can see we have dropped more than 1,000 nuclear weapons of mass destruction on humans and nature with many of the bombs dropped on ourselves. Yet, we wonder why so many die of cancer?

We can see the floating plastic island in the Pacific Ocean that is larger than Texas. We can see how all our beautiful rivers are choked of life through disastrous agricultural practices, and the dead zone at the mouth of the Mississippi River is about 10,000 square miles. This list goes on forever. You get my point.

The overarching atrocity with the current economic model of unregulated, libertarian, neoliberal, Chicago School, corporate capitalism is anti-Christ. Listen to me before you laugh.

What did Christ teach and die for? Love, of course. Not a selfish love for oneself or a few, but a Divine Love that encompasses all no matter what. The bible literally says “God is Love.” Christ died to bring the Law of Love to the planet. Like a political law, it was introduced and many Christians, especially the Quakers understood and approved. However, many “Christians” do not truly believe in the Divine Love for all that Christ represents. This law remains to be codified and instituted as the global modus operandi, which it imperatively must.

As Ghandi said, “I like your Christ, but I do not like your Christians. They are so unlike Christ.”

What political positions would Christ take? Always the most Loving one. Care for the poor and sick, obviously. Help heal instead of create more wounds like we currently do. This is Divine Law we are talking about (something that transcends all thought-mind created human law), not some hippy-dippy jibberish.

I could talk to you about the great successes in the corporate personhood movement that deeply inspire me democratic change may occur soon. However, what I am getting at is something more fundamental.

War, environmental suicide and all the problems in the world are actually very simple. John Lennon was absolutely right. All we need is love. Divine Love could cure all that ills our minds and planet immediately if we allow it. Why not now?

It is time for us to stand up and actually listen to Christlike adults and say “Yes, we can love!” Don’t misunderstand me! This has nothing to do with sentimentality. This is deadly serious. Countless children are poised to be murdered in more bombings in Syria.

Will more bombs and blood solve anything? Hell no. We need to truly learn to love everyone, no exceptions. And to take it further, Christ said “Love thy neighbor as thyself,” but to completely understand Divine Love of God, one must see Nature is the created body of God, so it is like our neighbor. We need to love nature as our self, too. When we destroy nature, we destroy the natural long-term sustainable economy. In other words, by not loving nature, we are committing collective suicide for our entire species.

Christ introduced the Divine Law of love into the world and minds of humanity, but the majority of the planet does not understand this most fundamental spiritual Law. This Law has not been approved of in the halls of our collective mind on this particular planet, Earth. This letter is a prayer for anyone that reads this to seriously and deeply re-consider love. It is the absolute solution to everything. The actual God of love in my heart told me so.

Peace is truly blessed. Christ was right. Love.


Abel Tomlinson


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