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Banned Books Week

Every year as we prepare for Banned Books Week at the library, I am thankful for the freedoms we enjoy in our country. I count reading as one of those


A Much Anticipated Album Release

Since The Trashcan Bandits put out there first EP with four tracks last year, fans have been begging for more.


Mother Merey & The Black Dirt

By Dane Laborn When music is played in the right way, listened to with the right ears, it can evoke a whirlwind of emotion in any given person. Haunting melodies

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By Tanya Giraldo Throughout history it is seen that ceremonies for reaching adulthood have always been common; special rights of passage that signified the beginning of a mature life. In

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Benefit Fayetteville Youth With Center Fundraiser

SEFCC Hosts 2nd Annual Celebrate Our Kids BanquetStaff Report In every town there is a generation of children looking for a source of productive, safe and low-cost entertainment. Thanks to

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Going Code Turkey

By Amy Alkon I broke up with a boyfriend a few years ago because I wasn’t getting what I wanted from him. I’d give him subtle cues, and when he

Making Ripples

Plan to Make Ripples with Indirect Service

People Making Ripples: “An Evening for Bhutan” is a benefit dinner with entertainment and a silent auction sponsored by the Himalayan Mountain Shop owned by Lama Thinley. All proceeds will

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Nature May Cause Drinking Water to Taste, Smell Strange

House of Blurbs Staff Report Some customers may detect a taste or odor issue with drinking water right now, while others may not. Regardless, it’s important to remember that the

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Creating A Waterfall of Beneficence

It’s almost Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, Festival of Ingathering Light celebrations. Thursday is possibly one of the kindest, most loving days of the year. Venus in Scorpio trines Jupiter in


Pageantry And Prejudice

By Rachel Birdsell As most of you know, we now have the first Indian-American Miss America. Nina Davuluri, Miss New York, snagged the title in what I can only say