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Making Ripples

Celebrating 50 Columns and Two Years of Ripples!

People Making Ripples:Greg Foster is a recent arrival to NWA and has been a vegan for two years, creating animal-free recipes to share with others. “For me, one of life’s

Family Friendly

Local Food Becomes First From State Recognized in U.S. Competition

Help The Greenhouse Grille Compete In The Top Five By Voting Today Staff Report Greenhouse Grille in Fayetteville is competing in the U.S. Foods “Next Top Product” contest. From thousands

Cover Story

Bikes, Blues BBQ Stays True To New-Age Motorcycle Culture

“A lot of people have stereotypical images of what a biker is. A lot of that is perpetuated by television and movies like ‘Sons of Anarchy.’ That’s not really the

Advice Risa's Astrology

The Soul & Spiritual Task of the United States

  Sunday is Fall Equinox with Sun entering Libra. Autumn and Winter emphasize the Soul. “Destiny of the Nations”, by Alice Bailey (scribe for the Tibetan Teacher Djwhal Khul) refers

Advice Advice Goddess

Going Code Turkey

“Although men and women are psychologically similar in many ways, studies by social psychologist Judith A. Hall and others find that women are more accurate in sussing out the meaning


Let’s Talk Trash (Pun Intended)

  By Terrah Baker First, see if you know if the following statements are true or false. 1. T or F — Plastic will degrade in the environment given enough


1,400+ Students Get Free TheatreSquared Experience

  Staff Report More than 1,400 students in Northwest Arkansas schools will get the chance to attend a free TheatreSquared production as part of a research project at the University


Gain Cultural And Entertaining Experience, For One Low Price

  Staff Report Back for the fourth straight year, the 10×10 Arts Series lives up to expectations of years past by combining great shows with interactive pre- and post-show activities,


West On The West

By Robert Laurence In the past year, the Ozarks Poets and Writers Collective has presented as Featured Writers two short-story writers, three memoirists, two poets, a novelist and two playwrights,

8 Days a Week

‘Smart And Sexy’ Makes A Comeback

Learn The Basics And Complexities Of Sexuality During A Week Of Entertaining, Educational Events By Terrah Baker Students for Gender Equality at the UofA knew when they held ‘Smart and