Burning Man to Humanity – “Welcome Home”

Thursday evening the Sun enters the disciplined Virgo, sign of gestating new states of consciousness. And always in time for Burning Man (Monday, the 26th to Sept. 2), the radical arts community/temporary metropolis, in the playas of Nevada’s Black Rock Desert. Burning Man, with its ethos (spirit) of freedom and culture organically begun in 1986 in San Francisco, is a field of survival (it’s 107 degrees) amidst creation — together building the new world. It’s irrational, primal, celebratory — procession of humanity, days and nights of gritty dust under the Sun and stars, individually in communion. It’s build, burn, dismantle — leave no trace. It’s shared community with rules, laws, ordinances, precepts and Principles.

Here are the 10 Principles. They could define each of us, were we courageous enough to live by them. Burning Man is an experiment — someday realty for everyone. The Ten Principles 1) Inclusion; 2) Gift giving (unconditional); 3) No commercialization; 4) Relying on inner resources; 5) Self-expression; 6) Communal effort, community values, creative cooperation/collaboration; 7) Civic responsibility for public welfare, respecting laws; 8) Respect of environment, leaving the environment in a better state; 9) Participation, Open heart — Being-ness through doing-ness. Everyone working, playing, makes the world real through actions that open the heart; 10) Immediacy — relating to the moment, to those around us, contact with the natural world, no barriers.

Burning Man is an ongoing work of performance art.

ARIES: It will be important to focus on details. To be organized and complete things. At day’s end, walk through your environments. Observe what’s out of place, open, astray, afoot, and generally lying about. Place everything where they belong. Aries leaves a trail of things undone. This is natural for Aries, moving quickly to each next phase, forgetting the previous one. Try this month to complete tasks as a meditation. A new sense of accomplishment emerges.

TAURUS: Hang natural rock or faceted lead crystals on a red string in all windows open to the Sun, a practical approach to the Sun’s light. Crystal refracted prisms radiate rainbows everywhere. The colors are the Ray colors stimulating creativity, beauty and balance. Hang crystals in halls, darkened corridors and corners where energy is obstructed/unmoving. Crystals in sunlight restore health and well-being. You need this care from the Sun.

GEMINI: Gemini and Pisces are not of this world. They never really make descent into physical matter, living instead in the etheric – the world of non-physical form where matter is first conceived in pattern of light. The information Geminis gather and disperse provides for others a new template of thinking which results in new actions. Realize therefore how important your communication is. Be aware of what you say, why, its veracity and intention. Is it always imbued with loving kindness?

CANCER: It’s important to be keenly aware of impressions and perceptions. They come from the Soul and are directions for (y)our life. You are keenly sensitive, as is Leo. Sensitive to higher unseen worlds, to feelings, moods and sensations. Other signs are not sensitive in the same ways. Hiding under your shell does not decrease sensitivity. It’s important to capture the precious moments when such direction occurs. Many rely on your knowledge and direction.

LEO: Leo is the sign of creative identity. One becomes very clear, when a Leo, about self-identity. Leo says, “Look at the work I’ve done. Here is my creative self. I am this creative self!” Do you have what you need during these times? It’s important to state your values and needs. It’s also important to give unselfishly – talents, gifts, time, resources – to those appreciating you and to those in need. Use your kind heart in all matters. You’re the heart of the Sun.

VIRGO: It’s important to know how your physical presence affects others and your environments. You pay attention to details, are ordered and organized. Excellent traits. However, there are many others incapable of this. Only a special type of person adapts to those less able. Do you patiently approach the world with such purpose? Do you seek perfection in all things? It’s good to understand everyone is imperfect and perfect at the same time. They are one.

LIBRA: What atmosphere (architecture, sensitivities) do you prefer? An atmosphere of being challenged, of leadership, separation and boundaries, rhythmic, of music and art, of kindness, of noting the details, of meditation? Perhaps some or all of these. Attempt to define which are best for you. Recognizing these helps us become aware of the fields we create. We are more able to bring into manifestation things we have only previously sensed or thought about. What is your home like?

SCORPIO: Often, in the depths of your being, you realize you want to be of service. You want to speak with goodness and kindness, exuding personal power through how you communicate. You want to improve the world, discover and share systems for the good of humanity. You want to be in an organization that links groups doing good together. You wonder how you, a hermit-like person, would fit into such group. You assess your gifts. The New Group of World Servers is always open to those who seek to serve. It’s invisible.

SAGITTARIUS: I came across a quote in the book “You Are a Cosmic Traveler” (untranslated) by Brazilian author, spiritual teacher, Trigueirinho, founder of the HYPERLINK “http://www.google.com/search?lr=&hl=en&as_qdr=all&q=Trigueirinho+%26+Figueira&spell=1&sa=X&ei=GWsOUtq2EtP3yAHsooFY&ved=0CCoQBSgA”Figueira monastery (in Brazil). Trigueirinho’s books are illuminating. The quote concerns your world service (which you are or are not aware of.) Your service is invaluable. You give what others cannot. Here’s the quote. “The service you give is not yours alone. It belongs to the cosmos. Because you are a cosmic voyager.” Sag is always the voyage. I wanted to give you some new identification.

CAPRICORN: You are the ultimate earth sign. Earth is a school, one of many in the cosmos. Earth school prepares us to understand how to live in form and matter. As spirits encased in matter, often we don’t know how to behave. Having forgotten our spiritual identity, we long for it. Tending gardens, working and living in nature, helps reconnect with our innate spiritual lineage. A most important profession is the gardener – a humble work. Great Teachers work quietly in gardens, as nature is the body of God.

AQUARIUS: Perhaps in your daily life you’re encountering other people’s problems and these impact your emotional and mental field. It’s important not to shy away from these people. Instead, help them overcome and release their suffering. You have a purpose at this time while encountering intense situations. Radiate the Light of the Soul outward to these people and situations. It dissipates the intensity and the suffering. Others feel your service and compassion. You are to help those is distress.

PISCES: You’re not to give up your visions or goals, even though it seems a long time to manifest. Incorporate ideas from other sources, adding to the facet of the diamond that is your vision of community and a village that serves humanity. In the meantime, know that what is presently around you is your present community (for now). Be fully present to it. Be for those around you a humble and kind companion. Know that we are all in training to be Hierarchy. Training amidst the burning grounds.

Risa – Esoteric & Astrological Institute, risagoodwill@gmail.com, www.nightlightnews.com

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