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Lammas — First Harvest

Lammas, an ancient first-harvest festival of wheat and grains, is celebrated August 1st in northern hemisphere (southern hemisphere February 1st). Grains, ground into flour and made into loaves of bread

Cover Story

The Fashion Blog Revolution

It’s easy to see how quickly an industry changes over 10 years, especially in the makeup and styling business where trends change and evolve on almost a daily basis. But

Making Ripples

The Social Science of Carpooling

By Amanda Bancroft Recent studies suggest that baby opossums are better at carpooling than Americans. Just kidding. But seriously, only 10% of Americans carpool, and that includes those who ride

In The News

That’s Tax-Free?

By Tanya Giraldo The 2013 Arkansas Sales Tax Holiday is just around the corner and a couple of questions arise when looking at the detailed list of tax-free items. What

Family Friendly

EPA Program Tackles Mess Of Food Waste

Participate In The Two-Week Program To Win Book, Green Clean Kit By Terrah Baker The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that 40 percent of the food produced in America goes to

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Too Mush Too Soon

“Love sometimes calls upon people to do more than just show up to bask in its glow. Take that emperor, way back when, in India. When he wanted to memorialize


Wring Wring

Like a mop saturated with dirt and grime, our abdominal organs can use a good wringing out every once in a while. The compression that occurs during a twist squeezes toxins out of the liver, pancreas and other organs and glands. The release from the twist encourages a deluge of oxygen and nutrient rich blood to rush back into said areas.


The Bare Minimum

By Rachel Birdsell Did you know if you’re the breadwinner in a two-person family and you’re working full time and making minimum wage, you’re already earning $50 less than the


The Dish On ComicCon

By Caleb Harrington This past weekend one of the biggest conglomeration of nerds, geeks, pop culture enthusiasts, comic book buffs, and cosplay champions took place at the annual Comic Con


UofA Growth Ignores Student Need For Green Space

“Do not forget this is a land-grant institution, given by and for ‘the people.’ We are certainly lucky to have the UofA in Fayetteville, much like other entities. I would