The Fashion Blog Revolution

The Fashion Blog Revolution

It’s easy to see how quickly an industry changes over 10 years, especially in the makeup and styling business where trends change and evolve on almost a daily basis. But one of the biggest changes during my career has been how we communicate with our clients and fans. I entered the field long before social media was such a big business. With Instagram, Facebook and blogs galore, it now seems like everywhere you turn you can access a photo shoot or something fun and spectacular. Social media puts the world, information, and other’s creations right at your fingertips.

Since the beginning of my career, my main focus of styling a photo shoot or runway show has not been to market anything specific, but to express art, like any other art form that allows you to express your innerself. Social media allows us to take this art to more people, touch more lives and spread more ideas. That’s why it was time Mayapple held our own company-wide fashion shoot, and started our very own blog. So, for your pleasure here, and on our brand new, fabulous blog, we have just a sampling of styles from the girls at Mayapple and for your own fashion inspiration.

Melissa Arens, Mayapple Salon and Boutique

Fashion 1-2 Fashion 1-3 Fashion 1 Stylist: Melissa Arens

Models: Cloey Grote and Caitlin Cooper

Photos by: MGB Photo and Celi Birke

Inspiration: Gypsy punk, to soft subtle nature.










Fashion 2-2 Fashion 2-3 Fashion 2

Stylist: Andi Wise

Models: Caty Mormon, Taylor Burns and Leah Schilling

Inspiration: Making sure girls of all shapes and sizes can feel stylish and look fabulous!

Side Note: Wise is beginning a clothing line called “Halcyon Days,” or peaceful days, that will be comfortable, stylish vintage and resale for sizes 10 and up.




Fashion 3-2 Fashion 3-3 Fashion 3

Stylist: Suzannah Files

Model: Chloe Reese

Inspiration: Summer Sweetheart

Side Note: Files shows off her creations of hand-sewn lace, jean shorts and covered corset tops, with a head full of classically fun braids.

Fashion 4-2 Fashion 4

Stylist: Amanda Hallam

Models: Blaire Koones

Inspiration: Every woman’s hair is their crown, with the ability to express color individuality, texture and dimension.





Fashion 5-2 Fashion 5Stylist: Daryl Lee

Models: Betsy Atkins and Haley Edwin

Inspiration: creepy, artistic movies like Eraser Head by David Lynch.

Side Note: She was most inspired by the female characters in the films “The Lady in the Radiator” and “The Beautiful Girl Across the Hall,” as they leave a lot to the imagination.

For even more local fashion inspiration, check out some other designer websites/blogs, full of inspiring pieces.

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