That’s Tax-Free?

Sales Tax HolidayBy Tanya Giraldo

The 2013 Arkansas Sales Tax Holiday is just around the corner and a couple of questions arise when looking at the detailed list of tax-free items.

What started three years ago as a tax break for back-to-school purchases, has become the weekend that retailers prepare their employees for Black Friday-like crowds and long hours of “Is this tax free?”

According to, the National Federation of independent Businesses said the sales tax break gives small businesses a needed boost, but at a cost to the state of about $2 million on sales tax.

The 2013 list of ‘exempt from sales tax’ items hasn’t had any changes from the 2012 list. Clothing is tax-exempt if it is less than $100 per item. This includes all ‘human wearing’ apparel suitable for general use, according to the list. Clothing accessory or equipment are also exempt, if less than $50 per item and school supplies, with no limited amount (in case you wanted to purchase that solid gold binder).

Some school supplies, like compasses, were a bit confusing considering that a compass was never on any of my own back-to-school lists. Then, upon closer inspection of the clothing accessory section, a compass was the least puzzling.

Hairnets, handkerchiefs, wigs and hairpieces are also tax exempt this year. Beach capes, steel-toed shoes and wedding apparel not only make a great first day of school outfit, but also are tax-free.

In case you still thought this sales tax holiday was geared towards back-to-school items, girdles, garters, garter belts and rubber pants make their way to the top of this list, as well as the top of this list for most unusual tax-free items for the 2013 Arkansas Sales Tax Holiday.

Make sure to get to the stores early this weekend before these items are sold out!

List Of Items To Buy This Weekend:



Insoles for shoes

Sun glasses, non-prescription


Clay and glazes

Maps and globes

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