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Hope During Labor Class Injustice in Billy Elliott

Staff Report Billy Elliot the Musical plays out amid the turmoil of the 1984 coal miners’ strike in Northern England, one of the darkest times in modern British history. As

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Food for Fees Feeds

Staff Report The Fayetteville Public Library’s Food for Fees program donated 3,400 pounds of food to the local Cooperative Emergency Outreach food bank; close to 1,000 lbs. more than last


Ska and Charity Make For Funky Holiday Sound

By Terrah Baker When 18 local and professionally-trained musicians come together under the Fayetteville Ska Alliance for one holiday album, the result is fun, festive and one well-orchestrated musical production.

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Jenny From The Blocked

By Amy Alkon I appreciate that you tell it like it is instead of telling people what they want to hear. I heard you on the radio saying that an

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Gifts For Homebound Seniors

Although most of us try to be giving all year long, local organizations and government make it easier during the holidays with programs like the Senior Giving Tree Event. It


Making Ripples

Periods for the Planet: Alternative Menstrual Products “Eventually, I discovered there were plenty of milk options that wouldn’t lead to ovarian cancer and bowel issues, including milk made from soy,

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Ink & Glass Company

By Claire Ala Adam Driver and Mark Wieden opened two months ago and have a wide array of art and glass pipes decorating their store. Driver is the glassblower and


Letters to the Editor

One-On-One Yoga To the editor: I was excited to read the Nov. 8 article “Yogis of NWA.” It’s true — we’re quite rich in yoga in our region. I want

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Arkansas Prepares For The Future of Water

By Luke Simons Let’s step back to summer 2012. And focus on the part that probably every one of us would like to forget and hope never happens again: our

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Card Campaign Helps Students

Staff Report A few missed work days make a difference on Amanda Fletcher’s household budget. The single mother of three said she is thankful for the Community Christmas Card campaign,