Gifts For Homebound Seniors

Although most of us try to be giving all year long, local organizations and government make it easier during the holidays with programs like the Senior Giving Tree Event. It is exceptionally rewarding when you know your donated unwrapped gift will be given to homebound seniors by the Fayetteville Senior Center Meals on Wheels program. Drop off is at the Fayetteville Community Services Division, 125 W Mountain before Dec. 7.
Eureka Springs’ Castle on HGTV
Castle Rogue’s Manor, located near Eureka Springs, in Beaver, Ark., was featured in the Nov. 23 broadcast of HGTV’s Home Strange Home program. The episode included a video tour of the castle, historical photos, and interviews with builder/designer Smith Treuer and partner/chef Deborah Sederstrom. Treuer began work on Castle Rogue’s Manor 20 years ago and he states “it’s not done yet, it’s a work in progress.” The 20,000 sq. ft. castle is situated on a towering limestone bluff on Table Rock Lake overlooking the Village of Beaver and the Little Golden Gate Bridge, the most photographed bridge in Arkansas.
Funding Art Integration
The ARTeacher Fellowship, a pilot program and collaboration between Walton Arts Center, UA and Crystal Bridges, provided training for 10 secondary teachers to explore arts-integration methods to meet Common Core State Standards in area high schools. The Fellowship is designed to further the practice of arts-integration. “What we know about education is that the teacher is the most important in-school factor in student achievement. The ARTeacher Fellowship brings together some of the brightest, most promising teachers in the area to focus on arts integration,” says Dr. Christian Goering. Laura Goodwin, Walton Arts Center’s vice president for learning and engagement, notes that work the Fellows do this year, learning how to effectively include the arts in core curriculum including English and Social Studies, will develop content, methods and innovative lessons that will be relevant for years.
Keeping Fayetteville Beautiful
Keep Fayetteville Beautiful will join over 1,200 Keep America Beautiful affiliates and participating organizations, including 23 statewide affiliates in the United States, and international affiliates in Canada, South Africa and the Bahamas. This Keep America Beautiful network of affiliates will mobilize an estimated 3 million volunteers this year alone to take positive action on environmental concerns. As a result, litter is being reduced, solid waste is being managed responsibly and citizens are adopting vacant lots. Keep America Beautiful affiliates use litter prevention as the obvious place to begin the process of instilling pride and a sense of personal responsibility in citizens for the appearance and well-being of their communities. Their message is a clear and powerful one, and today many of their affiliates are spearheading the revitalization of entire regions and undertaking large-scale renewal projects in partnership with concerned citizens, businesses, government, civic and religious organizations. Keep America Beautiful thanked Fayetteville for taking on this immense challenge and for maintaining pride in local highways and other public spaces, for trees and flowers replacing trash heaps and tire mounds, and for the expansion of recycling and composting efforts.

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