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Grass Roots Organizers Unite

By Terrah Baker When I first heard of the Arkansas Citizens First Congress I was taken aback with … relief. An organization that solves that age-old problem of bringing like-minded

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The Harmonizers

Esoteric Astrology as news for week November 21-28, 2012 The Sun is in Sagittarius, sign of good food, journeys, justice and jurisprudence (study of law). Thursday is Thanksgiving, a day


A Slice of Time

By Robert Laurence “A slice of time.” That’s what Adam Vines, assistant professor of English at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, is looking for in his poems. A


Inspiring Children To Write

Staff Report The acclaimed and award winning performance poet, and Fayetteville resident, Clayton Scott, travels throughout Arkansas using poetry to teach creative writing and presentation skills in a weeklong residency


A Sustainable Smorgasbord Of ‘Turkeys’

“There are plenty of ways to make your Thanksgiving feast a more sustainable indulgence, including eating organic meat, and more …” By Amanda Bancroft Earlier in my life, turkey came

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The Sorrow And The Pretty

Do men in troubled relationships often seek someone to give them a nudge to get out? I often attract these men, some of whom I suspect just want a backup


Keller Williams Brings Funky to Fayetteville

By Mason Carr The loopy and funkadelic grooves of the one-pretty-damn-talented-man jam band, Keller Williams, will be shaking the hineys of Fayetteville’s freaky Nov. 29 at George’s Majestic Lounge on


‘Can America Be Saved From Stupid People’: A Review

By Chad Pollock “Can America Be Saved from Stupid People” is a collection of Dave Duffy’s opinion columns for Backwoods Home Magazine, a publication he founded in 1989. The magazine


Sour Grapes Of Wrath

By Rachel Birdsell I have never in my life seen the amount of butt-hurt over an election as I’ve seen with this one. Stomping their feet wasn’t enough for some

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Turpentine Creek Announces Largest Big Cat Rescue

Staff Report Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge is currently in the midst of their largest rescue effort in their 20-year history. The refuge, located 7 miles south of Eureka Springs, has