Ink & Glass Company

By Claire Ala

Adam Driver and Mark Wieden opened two months ago and have a wide array of art and glass pipes decorating their store. Driver is the glassblower and makes half of the pipes they sell in their store. Wieden is one of four tattoo artists who create custom designs. Together, they are the friendly staff that welcomes you at the Ink & Glass Company off West Avenue and Dickson Street.

Wieden has six years experience in tattooing. He began a career with tattoos when he got a tattoo and spontaneously asked himself, “what would it take to be a tattooer.” The next day he brought in his portfolio and started a year-long apprenticeship. In his training, Wieden learned the sanitary procedure of tattooing along with different tattoo styles.

“Things that would be a good painting or good drawing don’t always make a good tattoo. So, I learned how to redraw for tattooing. I learned the technical aspect of it, machines, how to make needles. I learned how to work a tattoo machine as not to damage the skin or tattoo,” Wieden explained.

Wieden’s vast knowledge of tattoos accompanies his realistic illustrations. He describes his style as a mixture of “realism” and animated drawings. All Wieden’s tattoos are his own creations that take 30 minutes to two hours to draw. A Tulsa native, he chose to live in Fayetteville because he thought it was a great place to pursue a business.

“We just wanted to open something with higher quality than anything that was around here,” Wieden said.

Wieden and Driver wanted a store that was locally-owned accompanied by a knowledgeable staff.
Driver is a Fayetteville native and self-taught glassblower of 11 years.

My understanding of pipes was revamped. The myth of double-blown pipes is history. Driver explained how there’s no such thing as a double-blown pipe. He explained the pipe process as just gathering different amounts of glass and playing with the masses and colors. Thinner glass rods make a thinner pipe, while more glass makes a thicker pipe…sounds simple, but one fancy pipe can take around three days to make.

“The best part of our place is we are artist-owned … we can explain our art and techniques to the fullest extent,” Driver said.
Another special part about this new store is they provide an outlet for local artists. They have an eclectic collection of paintings that’s displayed all over the place.

Looking for an original tattoo or glass that can’t be found elsewhere? Drop by Ink & Glass Company. See more tattoos, glass and learn more at

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