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Risa's Astrology

“We Build a Lighted House and Therein Dwell”

We are more than halfway through the year, moving swiftly toward winter solstice when three great time cycles
end, and three greater time cycles begin. Humanity stands at the crossroads — to envision, build and construct the new Aquarian world, the new culture and civilization. Or not. As the Piscean Age was the Age of Religion, the Aquarian Age is the Age of Humanity — no longer an age of kings, pharos or corporate ruling governments.

It is the age of humanity seeing the needs of its kingdom (and the kingdoms it stewards) and understanding its true spiritual purpose (World Disciple). It is humanity envisioning and constructing the new world — the “city four-square” — a specific esoteric phrase for “the new era or New Sharing society.” This new era has four directions, four angels sounding four words, that each day ring around the square, directing humanity toward its essential tasks. The northern angel says, “Be pure.” The southern, “Dedicate.” From the East, a light divine, “Love All.” And from the South, “Serve.” These four words — purity, dedication, love and service — are not virtuous qualities. They are potent occult forces, dynamic and creative, producing precipitation.” Ancient in their meaning, these are the words of the White Magician — “One who manifests, anchors Spirit into matter, creating the new order and rhythm on Earth.” In the unfolding Aquarian Age, humanity is called to a new spiritual attainment — that of “building a lighted house for all of humanity to dwell within” — a “house” of peace, equanimity, unity, of love with right resources, right education, goodwill and right relations.

Tuesday’s full moon, Cancer (sign of massed humanity in need) solar festival, calls us to this “great work.” Wednesday is the 236th birthday of the United States, a country in need of new enlightened servers. Under Cancer’s full moon light, for the U.S. birthday, let us radiate outward the four words, let us become the Light of the World that “nourishes the little ones,” let us recite the ancient mantram of Service together. “And so let it be and help us know and do our part.”

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