June Full Moon

June Full Moon

Each spring three full moon solar festivals (Aries, Taurus, Gemini) occur that invoke specific forces (of Restoration, Enlightenment, Reconstruction) to aid humanity’s evolution. These festivals help “restore the Plan on Earth” and create the foundation for the new world religion in Aquarius.

Early morning Monday, June 4, the third solar Festival full moon (the Strawberry moon) occurs at 14.14 degrees Gemini. It is also a Lunar Eclipse — something we see in our world (individual, global, planetary) comes to an end, it’s usefulness complete.

Two weeks ago at the Gemini new moon Solar Eclipse, something subjective, internal, invisible and essential ended. Endings also proclaim new life and realities emerging. The Gemini Festival is also the Festival of Humanity, and the force invoked is the Force of Reconstruction, an extraplanetary energy.
Gemini “produces the changes needed for awareness to be developed in our world.” The energy of Gemini lies behind all the signs because Gemini receives and distributes Love/Wisdom from a star in the Big Dipper (Ray 2, Love/Wisdom).

Developing Love/Wisdom is the purpose of humanity’s life on Earth and the purpose of our solar system.
On Tuesday a rare celestial event occurs. Venus retrograde occults (crosses in front of) the Gemini Sun. Venus is the “Soul” or elder sister of the Earth. Venus crossing over the Sun is the “woman clothed in the Sun.” Squaring Mars, Venus (highlighted) is informing the prevailing controlling system of the “good old boys” that their time has also come to an end.

Instead, Divinity (Venus tells us) is emerging in the world, lighting a singular fire of focused conscious awareness within the mind and heart of humanity. Venus is the symbol registering the timing of this emergence. The sky is the church of our present living moment. Venus, like a clear bell, strikes love in our hearts. We are not alone. God is here. The universe is alive. Heaven is all around us. Freedom’s opportunity has arrived. (Read more at www.nightlightnews.com and daily on Risa’s Esoteric Astrology FB page.)

Risa is founder of the Esoteric & Astrological Studies & Research Institute, a contemporary Wisdom school for the study of Astrology & the Ancient Wisdom teachings. Email: risagoodwill@gmail.com FB: Risa’s Esoteric Astrology Website: www.nightlightnews.com

ARIES: We have to make it through the transition phase and into the
new world because we hold the seeds of the new humanity. You are the
initiator with the new information who leads us to the new culture.
Are you aware of this? What are your thoughts these days about the
world? Do you sense you have a purpose?

TAURUS: The seed of Aries is handed to you to implement the anchoring
of the new world summoning us to envision, create and build together.
You know the ways and means of resources and resourcing. Are you aware
and accepting of this? What are you thinking these days about the
world economy? What do you know about safety during the transition?

GEMINI: You are to take the fire of Aries, the stabilization of Taurus
and distribute the information to humanity. Are you alert and
responsive to this? Are you able to be the pulse of the new
information? Who provides you with information that you disperse? What
are your new world sources? What information are you offering
humanity? These are your loving tasks.

CANCER: You are to take the fire of Aries, the stabilization of
Taurus, the information and love of Gemini and nurture it for the
emergence of the new humanity. Humanity needs the “waters of life
poured over them” — the same waters of life Ishtar (Venus in early
times) needed to allow the world to come to life again. Your nurturing
is to be used in this service.

LEO: You are the fourth sign in the zodiac, the second fire sign
(after Aries) and a leader who, after having developed your
creativity, realizes your self-identity as the “one who leads”. Are
you aware of this? What is your leadership ability and what world
leader do you admire? Do you remember true leadership requires
magnetic power combined with love?

VIRGO: You might be interested in studying Ishtar, who originally
representing Venus, came into the world, lost all outer possessions
and later returned to the heavens. She needed the “waters of life” to
restore her life. Venus is the sister to the Earth. You are the sign
that can help “restore” the Earth. Virgo hides the new state of
consciousness. Plant rows and rows of all types of ancient corn.

LIBRA: Look up into the sky and locate the Pleiades. These are the
Seven Sisters that watch over and protect humanity. The Pleiades also
especially love and protect Librans. Humanity and Librans receive
their intelligence from the Pleiades. They are the Seven Wives of the
Seven Brothers in the Big Dipper. Look up and make their acquaintance.
Your contact releases Love everywhere.

SCORPIO: The focus these days for you is upon relationships — those
manifestations in your life that present to you extreme duality of you
and the other. So often you protect yourself from all others. But
there comes a time, not often, when special others help break down
your barriers and veils of protection. This is one of those times. The
goddess of Love, Venus, Gemini’s ruling planet, shines over you.

SAGITTARIUS: During this time of special vulnerability Gemini is
producing in you an awareness of the relationships that exist between
people, places, events, kingdoms, the Earth and the heavens. You see
in all of these the possibilities of goodness. And then this message
comes home to you and you see within yourself the possibilities of an
even greater Goodness. You mirror the heavens.

CAPRICORN: The constant state of flux in your life allows you to
experiment and experience a constant state of creativity. You are the
builder of all things in form. Thus you need this flux and change in
order to see what needs building. Within all that you build, you also
create relatedness and relationships — the theme of the new world era
which you are to build. What are all the components needed?

AQUARIUS: You seek, in all ways, a greater sense of harmony with
others, especially those who seem to be at odds with your ideas,
plans, endeavors and ways of living. Call upon Gemini to assist you.
Gemini produces the promise of harmony between you and all others. It
also brings, especially to Aquarians, a sense of being nurtured and
cared for within a playful amorous romance.

PISCES: You often smile a different sort of smile when encountering
Gemini. That’s because Gemini is at the foundation of your sunrise
chart. Gemini offers you mutability and many shifts of reality. On a
deeper level it offers the love and wisdom you seek in the world; the
love of a mother, the love of home and the varied interests found in
the home of a Pisces. Gemini “brings Pisces home again.”

Risa is founder of the Esoteric & Astrological Studies & Research Institute,
a contemporary Wisdom school for the study of Astrology & the Ancient
Wisdom teachings.
Email: risagoodwill@gmail.com
FB: Risa’s Esoteric Astrology
Website: www.nightlightnews.com

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