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Excuse Me, Your Zeal is Showing

Ugh. Zealouts. Be quiet already.



Undocumented students face challenges and dream to one day become American.

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The Whole Love

Fayetteville will host the Wilco at the Arkansas Music Pavilion today, May 10. Interview with Pat Sansone

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The Grand Trine

We have an interesting and eventful week. Saturday’s sky has a Grand Trine in earth signs of the three planets that rule Scorpio.

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Mused and Abused

After my girlfriend and I split up, I wrote a creative nonfiction piece about our breakup (changing some identifying details). I published it on a popular blog and linked to it on Facebook. We’re back together, and things are great; however, she saw the story and was humiliated.

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Tax Could Increase Bus Services

Early voting has begun for the May 22 ballot on which Washington County voters will decide whether to approve a sales tax that would pay for the expansion of mass

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Shadow Child

An undocumented immigrant tells her story.