ARIES: The keys to your achievements at this time while also seeking freedom and independence from all restraints, are passion and creativity.  Don’t be confrontational lest you lose power and respect. Don’t clash with loved one. Stay poised within imagination, inspiring creation.

TAURUS: Over and over, something occurs with your health and well-being. At this time, the planetary energies are such that heath must be a daily focus. Even though you’re busier than usual, health comes first. Tend to loved ones from the depth of your being. They need this. Things from the past bring in money and resources.

GEMINI: Something in your daily life may be either upsetting or directing you to a place of solitude, retreat and protection. Again, you are hidden away or alone in this endeavor but you are not lonely. You talk with intimates about future plans and goals. You have adventurous ideas – big to small, here and there. A point of rest is found.

CANCER: Something at home needs reorganizing for balance to come forth. Your personal creative life is emphasized. Pay attention to this. Friendships are important once again so tell them so. You want your public image clarified. That means you must come out of your shell. Ask lots of question. Be curious. Everyone needs empathic listening.

LEO: Do you feel restrained in communicating? Are you being invited to anchor a structure or reality or idea in your neighborhood?  You would be an excellent leader if you could rouse yourself to leave home and come out from under the veil of self-imposed temporary secrecy and protection. Either your yard or basement needs tending.

VIRGO: becoming involved locally brings forth your gifts. You feel safeguarded. Your presence would be received with gladness and you would engage with other like-minded individuals finding common ground. As always, listen to what others are saying. Then learn how to agree, stand with and next to them. The light within you glows quietly.

LIBRA: Often we perceive only part of a reality, interaction or relationship. Often we only see the half that is the self. This month the entire picture is revealed along with Libra tensions – the tension of self and other, of personality and Soul, of lower and higher realities. Difficulties arise when two people, attracted to each other, have different life paths. One must then choose.

SCORPIO: The planets offer you new self-definition. Do you feel how you see yourself, how others see and understand you are changing?  This is a time of transition for the world and for you, also. In your professional world a new cycle of endeavors begins. Will you stay or are you impelled to go? Your heart knows. Find it.

SAGITTARIUS: You are rocking to-and-fro in a little boat on an ocean of many waves. I see you’re quite alone. The boat’s sturdy, the sails are intact, you have a life vest for safety but somehow there are no instructions as to where you’re going! Be still and know that all is well. Be still. You know this.

CAPRICORN: Intimacy and the talk of shared resources and values enter your thoughts. Things may feel very serious. You respond with your usual dry humor. But we know inside you’re feeling quite serious yourself. You’re very effective communicating this month.

AQUARIUS: To paraphrase Catherine Austin Fitts, concerning our present transitions time,  “Don’t worry about revolution. We’re in one. And if you’re not participating, then you need to begin. The “occupiers” and “Occupy Everyone, Everywhere” are ‘your’ people.

PISCES: You’re most likely going to travel somewhere. Or study something in depth. As one task is almost complete, two more appear. Stress must be acknowledged and it must cease. Something far away is of concern.

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