Horoscope: Aug. 25-31

Risa’s Astrology: Aug. 25-31

Aug. 23 to Sept. 22

ARIES: Being creative is now your new important self-identity. The making of new archetypes, a creative endeavor, is pursuing your every moment. Continuing for the next seven years, you’re called to respond in multiple different ways within your work and thinking. You will then be recognized as an innovator, risk-taker, visionary.

TAURUS: Everything connected with home must hold your attention. There’s much to be done there. Go slowly. Also, your digestion may become overloaded quickly. Be very careful with foods. Allergies could erupt unexpectedly. Hours in the sun are not wise.

GEMINI: Again I advise you to read everything I write so you can gather enough esoteric wisdom for your esoteric journal so you have an intelligent framework that unifies all information and all polarities. This unification is called synthesis. The foundation you’re seeking, your true foundation, then emerges.

CANCER: Communication flows, becomes less difficult and you feel loved and cared for. Family is your source of joy. This is not true for everyone. You do need to discuss finances and resources while sharing with loved ones. Your resources allow different aspects of spirit to enter matter.

LEO: Somewhere, somehow, with someone, you’re wanted and loved. The past, poised amidst a group of friends or lovers from long ago, is asking you for forgiveness and the ability to value every life experience. You’re also asked to offer (internally) love to everyone — past, present and future.

VIRGO: This is a special time. Even if you sense money or resources are restricted or held back, let yourself rest until this particular time is over and a new state of balance arises. If you sense everything’s being restructured, you’re right.

LIBRA: You wonder how to accommodate a sense of self within relationships. In one you need a new rhythm. With self you need self-discipline that creates new daily life structures. Exercise is vital. Daily life seems ever so complicated. In learning how to navigate the waters of change you must begin to love, first.

SCORPIO: Try not to plunge carelessly into other people’s money or resources. Maintain poise within the constant variations of your thoughts. New direction and new values are about to appear. Evaluate all communications.

SAGITTARIUS: Are you in a state of difficulty that seems never-ending? As a new sense of self rises up from the past, your normal balance can’t be found, having gone underground like Persephone. Your thinking is muddled at times. Your home … is it comforting?

CAPRICORN: Capricorns are experiencing profound transformations. At some points they feel hidden. At other times, they wonder if death is soon? This is not a physical death. It’s how transformation feels. Some Caps are experiencing money difficulties. Do you need help in this?

AQUARIUS: We come into incarnation hoping to fulfill tasks. In one particular lifetime we begin to perfect our particular gifts. We become happy and joyful and life feels luminous. We then bring humanity a new rhythm of thought. This is accelerating within you. Share it.

PISCES: What has dissolved is being refined and something new will be created. What has hurt will become a healing and you will use this to heal, help and uplift others. Stay within a garden most of the time and maintain solitude.

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