Who Do You Love?

Who Do You Love?

Naming the Finest & Funkiest in Northwest Arkansas

I shamelessly, unabashedly, excitedly adore eating chicken wings. No place satisfies my chicken wing cravings like Foghorn’s.

That’s why I voted for them in a smattering of food categories on the Free Weekly’s Finest & Funkiest ballot, where you can give a shout out to your favorite restaurants, bands, shops and more and maybe even a little nod to the bizarre, the unusual and perhaps even your … not-so-favorite things in Northwest Arkansas.

It’s simple and easy — neatly contained all online at www.freeweekly.com/vote — no messy paper ballot to fill out. Besides, I probably couldn’t read your handwriting anyway. Really, your penmanship = atrocious.

There’s all kinds of entries you can voice your opinion on from favorite barbecue to finest veggie pizza to best martini bar to favorite shop to buy a present for mom to best band name and more. You can even help name the finest (and the funkiest) restroom in NWA. I picked the 21st Amendment on Dickson Street in both for that category (and I mean funkiest in a good way on that one, not in an “Ew, don’t go in there” kind of way).

And if you fill the ballot out, there’s a chance you can even win a little prize. Ten names will be chosen to receive some deal bucks on nwadealpiggy.com to use on bargains around the area. I might even be persuaded, if anyone’s interested, to pick one name to be a guest taster for “Beer O’ The Week” with Wamp and Rico.

Get to www.freeweekly.com/vote before the ballots close on March 20. Time is running out!

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