Chavez Seeking Attorney

Jonathan Chavez

Student has court date, but needs a lawyer … and a way to pay for those services

Jonathan Chavez, the Rogers graduate and University of Arkansas student who faces deportation, posted an update on his situation in the Facebook group “Praying for Jonathan Chavez.” He has a court date for April 5. He is seeking an attorney to represent him but it sounds like he and his family lack the money for such a costly proposition:

“Hey guys,
I have a court date. Is going to be April 5th. So now that I have the court I need to find a lawyer to transfer the case to Arkansas. After that happens, I am going to ask you to please send letters again to whoever is in charge of my case. The fact that they gave me a court date means that Deferred Action has not been approved … yet. If I go to court without DA being approved I will have to take voluntary departure. So, please pray for me to find a lawyer ASAP and for God to provide a way to pay for it because me and my family are absolutely broke. Thank you so much for all your help and prayers. God is great. I have faith God will do something awesome. — Jonathan”

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