Mercury Retro In Virgo

THE WEEK: Mercury in Virgo turns retrograde Friday and lasts three weeks. Mercury retro joins five other starry retro big hitters — Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron. Retros are linked with the prefix “re.” We redo, review, revisit, rethink, re-examine, re-evaluate ideas, thoughts, plans, studies, agendas created since Mercury’s previous retro (April/May). With so many retrogrades, especially the major transformers (outer planets), the entire world is critically rethinking everything.

ARIES: Everything concerning your daily life is evaluated. You look at your life, environment, those around you and assess in what way you want yourself to change in response to them. You realize you must do things differently from now on and will assess what to do and the consequences. Careful at and with work and communicating with coworkers.

TAURUS: Interesting situations and communication may occur with lovers, children, and everyone’s sense of creative individuality. Issues within relationships that have not been resolved will reappear. Don’t defend. Listen carefully, instead. The unresolved issues must be dealt with or there will be a dissolving and dissolution of important things some time in the future.

GEMINI: Everything about home, family, mother, real estate, things domestic, will come into focus and will need careful perspectives. Make no important decisions unless an emergency occurs. Remember everyone in the family is experiencing the present astrological transits, only everyone’s experiencing them differently.

CANCER: Cancer, like a crab, circles a situation, entering the center from every direction. They do not walk a direct line to anything for they are wary of their prey at all times. Thus they have a very developed intuition. However, in the next three weeks that intuition may not be as honed as usual. Be aware of forgetfulness.

LEO: How is your financial situation? Do not create any great waves in your financial picture. No loans for example. But do take this time to review your finances, create new budgets, assess your flow of money, the hows and whys of these transactions and review if everything monetary is proceeding as planned.

VIRGO: Are you feeling somewhat distant and unable to communicate feelings? Are others saying you’re difficult and distant? During this time you are very internally involved, your mind is assessing all aspects of yourself. Your choices are clearly seen and you review them to see if they still reflect your values, needs and your very nature.

LIBRA: Be aware of thoughts and issues and things not tended to for a long time coming into your present life and asking for attention, which is needed. Know that much of your communication may not be heard or understood by others. Therefore try to be very clear when communicating, speak slowly, even tell people you’re having difficulty communicating.

SCORPIO: Do be careful with friends and in groups that plans made will be delayed, changed or not happen at all. Those close to you may seem distant or confused. However, expect friends from the past make contact and you consider re-entering a group or friendships from long ago and not seen in a long time. Allow no heartache or anguish from the past to continue.

SAGITTARIUS: Notice if there is sensitivity around these subjects: money, partnerships, resources/finances, speaking with superiors, thinking about career choices, communicating with coworkers, being misunderstood while in public, your life path, your future. It seems like every subject is sensitive. This too will pass and know you’re perfect.

CAPRICORN: Lay low for the next four weeks in terms of making promises, large decisions, signing anything into permanence, travel plans, traveling long distances, Realize thinking, communications, transactions and even people taking your money will all be internalized so deeply, outer realities won’t make sense. It will be a crazy, mixed up world. Only you will know why.

AQUARIUS: You must begin to be practical about your money and resources. After the next two months, it would be good for you to travel. However, at this point you must set new goals concerning your money and resources, reaffirm what is of value to you and eliminate all that is no longer useful or what you haven’t used, touched or looked at in the past several months.

PISCES: Maintain as clear a communication as you can with partners, intimates and those close to you. All relationships may enter into a phase of misunderstandings, perhaps disappointments, criticisms, overreactions, mixed messages and perhaps the need to call upon mediation. Pisces also at this time must begin to assess the value of their own thoughts, minds, decisions and needs and discriminate between the self and their beloved.

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