It Takes A Revolution

By Risa D’Angeles

Thursday is Virgo moon, a gentle gestating day till early evening when Mars arrives for dinner. On Friday, moon enters Libra, calling us to right relationships. Pray for those (all kingdoms) living in the Gulf Coast area. Friday is orderly, serious, disciplined in the morning, unruly in the afternoon. Saturday, Mars joins the U.S. Neptune. Neptune is oil. Mars/Neptune gives an indirect, roundabout response, which is how BP is handling the Gulf situation. With Mars/Neptune there can be lies, cloudy realities, things left to “fate,” real control is illusive, facts are unclear, infections appear, there’s mystery and secrecy. Problems must be solved spiritually.

Sunday, Monday and part of Tuesday are Scorpio moon days. Chiron enters Aquarius Tuesday morning. Healing occurs through the study, understanding and application of astrology. Sag moon begins Tuesday evening. Saturn inconjucts Chiron late Tuesday evening and Wednesday. An inability to compromise and therefore a paradox appears between what’s traditional (accepted) and the unconventional (more holistic, unusual, future oriented). We must adjust in order to integrate the startling reality that appears. We’re disturbed and thus dismiss and discredit an evolutionary advance that’s being presented. We’re called to “create and anchor on Earth a vehicle for alchemical change. Can we do this? Who can step forward? It takes a revolution.

ARIES: Since you’re an intrinsic leader making choices on your own with no one’s approval, it is often difficult to take direction, to have others above you, to follow another’s authority. As the changes continue in our world, you may find yourself under someone else’s direction. If this occurs, think of it as a learning adventure. Think of them as learning how to lead. You already know.

TAURUS: You’re attempting to awaken the awareness and bring forth the consciousness of many people through communication, discussion, writing, group work. You find that most people are slow to change, there is an inertia built of habit and of fear. You’re most patient and for this we are grateful. However, you know when you’ve offered enough. Now you step back.

GEMINI: Is the group you’ve belonged to changing in drastic ways? Is your money situation continually in a transforming state? Are you communicating and is anyone listening? Is home a comfort, a place to work, a place to leave, a place of safety as well as a restriction? Do you not know the next forward step?

CANCER: Your doing so many errands and attempting to accomplish so many tasks, plus there’s always so much shopping. Changes are going to occur in your home soon (people coming, going, staying, leaving) and all these tasks are in preparation. Either you’ll move, or family visits or redecoration is planned or a complete restructuring. In the meantime think about your winter garden.

LEO: Soon a new light will shine in your world. It will be the Sun with its heart of love and wisdom. A whole year has almost come to an end for you. Endings, subtle and internal, are occurring opening up the pathways for a new year of endeavors. It is a good time for reflection and quiet review for the year ending and a new one beginning. Gather your memories and do a little celebration.

VIRGO: Three planets are in Virgo — Venus, Mars and Saturn. Venus brings intelligent love and attraction. Mars, activity and direction. Saturn brings discipline. Saturn, the taskmaster and in your sign for the past three years, enters Libra this week. Notice a shift into lightness, a movement from the rigors of discipline and structure to the need for relating more. It’s subtle.

LIBRA: Saturn has entered your sign, Libra, and for the next several years there will be a shift and change of emphasis in your relationships. You will grow up more, become more disciplined and structured. You will ask the same of others. When Saturn enters a specific sign, those of that sign often lose weight. The bare bones of reality come for a visit. Your life will be interesting in the coming years.

SCORPIO: Your communication with others has deepened. You’re more serious and your thought processes more structured as you delve more into mysteries and things unknown. Scorpios are often surgeons, alchemists, mystery schoolteachers, deep-sea divers, funeral directors and tenders of other people’s money. Whichever you are, more discipline has entered your life, and more responsibility, for a long time to come.

SAGITTARIUS: Something good is, or will be, occurring professionally. Others are attracted to what you do because you do it very well — with detail, order and organization. Money continues to be an ongoing issue. It’s not that you don’t have any, but what you have seems to elude you in terms of how to use it with practicality. It keeps disappearing somehow. Along with how you value yourself. All of this is changing. In good time.

CAPRICORN: Have you been thinking or communicating about money? Are you wondering about your position in the world, asking if you’ve climbed enough steps to the top? There will be a restructuring, in the years to come, as to how you’re seen in the world. More disciplined, more orderly, serious and conservative. These are good ways to be. They define a leader who’s helping to create the new civilization.

AQUARIUS: You will seek more travel and adventure. Although your life seems to be an adventure, there are many parts of yourself that are traditional. Tend to money and resources carefully so you are able to finance all you must do. As you travel you will seek where you truly call home. This will be the task of your heart.

PISCES: Contacts are being made, decisions, too, that affect your coming year. As I mentioned to Aquarius, tend to money carefully. It may feel as if it’s here today and gone tomorrow. Your life needs to be reorganized, from the bottom up and sideways. Much needs to be eliminated, sorted, ordered, filed and then protected. You’ll find you need less and less. Tend to your health with immediate carefulness.

Risa is Founder & Director of the Esoteric & Astrological Studies & Research Institute, a contemporary Wisdom School in the Ancient Mysteries tradition. E-mail:

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