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Risa’s Astrology

By Risa D’Angeles

Sunday, the United States will be 234 years old, the numbers adding up to nine. Nine means endings. Esoterically nine signifies initiation, a shift to a higher state of consciousness. The U.S. is presently having a transit of Pluto opposite Venus indicating economic transformation. Humanity will soon define its true values. This occurs after revolutionary breakdowns. We’re no longer slouching toward that happening.

Uranus retrogrades Monday. When Uranus (revolution) entered Aries (making all things new) on May 28, new developments and possibilities were set in motion. We shifted our attention from the old to the new unfolding Aquarian culture and civilization. As Uranus retrogrades, we’ll investigate these new ideas. To make all things new, we must first change internally.

The principle of freedom emerges within us with Uranus retrograde.

Freedom stimulates the revolution needed for humanity to separate from the forces of materiality and create the new sharing society, the “new materiality.”

When Uranus turns direct on Dec. 5, we’ll have the strength, courage and tools to move forward. Humanity is poised on a threshold of choice.

ARIES: Uranus is the awakener. A great shift in perception will begin as you seek more freedom of expression, but first you’ll feel you can’t speak your mind. Because a new awakening is occurring, you’ll wonder if you must leave all you love behind. It’s a risk to help create a new world. You have the tools and courage. Rest so you can hear the call.

TAURUS: Events are rushing you toward the future you’ve been warning us about. Certain elements of your life are no longer available. All things from the past will be useless.

GEMINI: There’s need for a change in your social circle. You require a new life, new ideas that apply the astrological and esoteric to your daily life.

CANCER: Following orders seems more difficult and you resist anyone with authority. You’ll learn to discern and discriminate soon enough. Don’t be impulsive, avoid alcohol and observe yourself. Notice how creative you are. People look to you for unusual information. You’re seen as rather radical.

LEO: Will you be traveling soon? If so, unusual events may occur. You’ll encounter new ways of thinking, creating open-minded, utopian, communal thoughts (again). Traditions fall away and gradually you’ll become unconventional, adapting from cultures ways of being that comfort you.

VIRGO: Shared resources, taxes, loans, insurance and values may be shaken up. This creates the need to rebalance, choosing your own values and finding your own money to pursue what’s most important.

LIBRA: Everyone close may feel unpredictable. You may change your view of relationships and feel you can’t rely on your partner. There could be a sense of limitation, creating a challenge to break free. You or your partner may become rebellious, act in surprising ways. You sense you’re on your own. In some ways, you are. It will redefine you. Reach out.

SCORPIO: Everything may feel like it’s being shaken up. You feel the need to loosen yourself from previous ways of thinking, beliefs and relating. Tend to health.

SAGITTARIUS: Don’t be surprised should you experience sudden changes in thoughts and creativity. Don’t be surprised if you’re attracted to a totally different type of person, place or way of life.

CAPRICORN: Observe your home life. Are changes and subtle fluctuations happening? Perhaps within? Routines may shift, decision-making becomes deeper and more internal, you don’t want anything unusual or hasty to be arranged because you would feel out of control.

AQUARIUS: You may find yourself easily bored and things traditional or habitual not useful. You seek new realities, new studies, unusual fields of endeavors and concepts. You’re highly creative when speaking and writing.

PISCES: Convert extra money to silver or gold, use it to buy land, food and essential things that sustain. Your values are changing. Income may fluctuate, so outlay must be practical. All possessions no longer useful will quietly disappear. Don’t lament. Better ones will appear. Your social life, groups and contacts change, too. It’s all for the good. Stay poised, patient and cultivate hope and courage.

Risa is Founder & Director of the Esoteric & Astrological Studies & Research Institute, a contemporary Wisdom School. E-mail her at or visit her website:

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