Gemini A Line Of Light Beams And Interplay

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Risa D’Angeles

Sun enters Gemini Thursday evening. The Gemini full moon, is May 27, the third most important full moon of the year. Gemini, often playful and happy, also displays duality. Gemini is the “light of interplay” a line of light beams revealing all that opposes. Gemini teaches us about duality, the relationship between two things. Humanity experiences Gemini behaviors and characteristics during the month of Gemini. Read more at and Risa’s Esoteric Astrology Facebook.

ARIES: Are you unusually hungry and have your appetites for creative work increased? Are you searching for enjoyment? Self-expression coming forth as creative, passionate and entertaining is how you’re to be in the world now. Careful though. Others may compete with your brightness. Let them win. You know you’re the first and the best. Keep creating while playing.

TAURUS: Your work always reflects your deepest values as you attempt to resolve financial problems and create an informed and secure future for everyone. You keep saying, “We must safeguard the food supply.” You’re correct. You know we must tend to the lives of many generations to come, beginning now. Of all the signs you’re the most composed and prepared. Rest more. Be aware that you’re communicating dual realities.

GEMINI: The Gemini sun is illuminating you from within. A golden light emanates from your eyes and heart. The potential for carrying and radiating love and wisdom rests in your heart. During this time it begins to emerge. Many are puzzled by you wondering how you are different than others. Your personality light dims as your soul light brightens. You’re the twins. Study and communicate with Castor and Pollux.

CANCER: Working with finances and resources becomes exciting when you realize you want to use all that you have to create a sustainable and ecological environment for your family as a template for all of humanity. Many will look to you for information as more world changes begin. One such preparation is seed saving. Teach others and share your seeds. Seed saving is one of the most important of nurturing gifts.

LEO: You must be busy, here and there and everywhere. It’s good to participate in various activities so others can recognize and appreciate you. This helps develop a newer self-identity. It’s also good if you facilitate meetings, group discussions and community matters. You’ve always had leadership qualities, but now they are truly seen and your ideas can be applied. However, quietly remain humble.

VIRGO: Mercury (your planet) is moving slowly forward alongside your past and future nodes as your mind assesses what achievements you must accomplish in the coming months. You are very busy working behind the scenes doing research perhaps or tending the ill and weary or reading books on religion or seeking respite and seclusion in water gardens. Plant dill, borage, burdock and roses and create another fountain.

LIBRA: The sun is beginning to highlight your house of travel and I wonder if you’re somewhere far away. I hope wherever you are there is art and culture. Hopefully you have access to a spa because you need care, tending and time away from work where you push yourself beyond limits. A change will occur in relationships in the coming months. Prepare yourself to have what you want and need. This requires self-definition.

SCORPIO: You will assume more work responsibilities. This will create a new recognition concerning your specific gifts and abilities. There’s a kindness to what will occur between the world and you, a culmination of your ambitions and achievements. As more work is required in the public, do not shy away. Stand with grace and equanimity and use right speech. These will be recognized by others.

SAGITTARIUS: Work has been busy and you’ve been disciplined. It called for your creative endeavors. Now you’ll tend to your past relationship with money. Don’t worry. This will reveal itself soon. Are you thinking of far away places, people, things, events? You long for something from the past that held you in love and care. Let this sway you as long as it can. You’ll assess, discriminate and then decide. In time there will be ease.

CAPRICORN: It’s time to be more intimate with the ones you love. Be closer and kinder to family, partner and loved ones. Many benefits will emerge from this. Always With contact, more love is released. This is nourishing for you as you need nourishment now, not just from foods, but from the love around you. But you must make the first contact.

AQUARIUS: The sun illuminates your house of fun, pleasure, love affairs, children and creativity. Which ones belong to you? If you’re an artist, this is a time to be in your studio or your computer creating inspired and brilliant works. Balance both creativity and the pleasures attracting you. As everyone seeks your attention, needing you to love them, remember the children who also need you as well as the animal kingdom. It’s a very good time. Use it with keen awareness.

PISCES: You’re accomplishing tasks and interacting with people from the past daily. You’ve been given an opportunity to fulfill certain dharmic tasks. As you perform your daily work, maintain a calm interior, practice mantrams (Ohm Mani Padme Hum) and harmlessness and know you must continue till the work that is yours to do is complete. It has taken years to come to this place in time and space. Your personality is resisting. However, your soul brought you here.

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