Aries, New Beginnings

Risa’s Astrology

By Risa D’Angeles

We are in the realm of Aries now. Who and what is Aries? Aries is the Light of Life itself, a beam of sunlight, a force and flame of Cosmic Fire. Aries is the dim, faint and flickering point of light at the center of a circle. Aries is the “searchlight of the Logos,” spirit seeking where to anchor in form and matter. Aries is an initiating impulse, the individual searching for identity and individuality within the masses. Aries is the puer (adolescent) beginning to realize the potent life force within, unaware of consequences. Aries is always first. It is the seed pushing forth the two leaves emerging from the earth at the beginning of Spring. Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, holds the force of creation. However, Aries realizes that it is only with patience and time that the creative force can come into practical focus and substance. Aries is often unable to complete tasks and projects. These are handed to Taurus for completion. Aries is cardinal, thus always seeking new directions, challenges and new conquests. Because it is fire, Aries is warm-hearted, defending and protecting those he loves. Aries begins the new spiritual year.

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ARIES: It’s most important to think about tact and positive Right Relations instead of the usual competitiveness, lack of tact, frustrations, headstrongness and brusque aggressiveness. Have the intentions to bring forth diplomacy. Allow your endeavors and physical activities to create spiritual resources that serve others. As you make all things new, make them harmonious, too.

TAURUS: Your subconscious comes to life and all your assertive abilities go into hiding. In the deepest parts of yourself you become brave. You may remember things from the past that creates worry or anxiety. Tend to your body and nervous system with care, choosing foods that calm and lessen inflammation. A spiritual presence enters your life. You may attend or join a church.

GEMINI: You might find friends coming to visit, to chat and discuss ideas. You might meet new ones or join a group or organization that attracts the sociable part of yourself. Some relationships that are not close may fall away, to later reform themselves into better and closer friendships. Whatever your goals, it will be friends who help you move from here to there. Friends can help with money issues, too. And help you value yourself.

CANCER: You wonder about worldly attainment, how you present yourself in public. You want to be remembered. If you’re usually shy, this will disappear. The world is your stage for a while and there’s a push to establish yourself and work hard and be the best you can be. And you are the very best because of a new state of determination and drive. Be impulsive, trust yourself and shed your shell just for a moment or two.

LEO: You find yourself setting goals, planning and considering far distant travels. Your interest in philosophy, religion and education and expanding your horizons appear in dreams. This is a good time. You’re optimistic and your spirit is vitalized because you know in the days ahead you’ll be blazing a trail into the wide and adventurous unknown. Visualization is your guide.

VIRGO: It would be good to read Jung’s “Memories, Dreams and Reflections” and to look at, study and even draw symbols so that you can anchor great archetypes that energize your life. These will release the most positive dimensions of your personality and soul. There will be a seeking for redemption and the way toward this will be revealed in dreams.

LIBRA: Although not quite aware of this, you’re quite brave. Others see this and are attracted to you. Your recognition of bravery in others is possible because it rests within you like a shadow. You have a great sense of justice and seek, most of the time, peace and harmony. However, there are times when anger takes hold and you lose your way. Think of this as a rainstorm cleansing and clearing the air you breathe. Love more, no matter what.

SCORPIO: Here are questions you might ask yourself these days. Where is my service, what is my service and who do I serve? How is my health, am I tending to my duties with responsibility and care? Do I practice Right Relations with all my relationships, with all kingdoms? Am I determined and do I hold my intensity in high regard? Have I become non-judgmental? Thoughts to ponder.

SAGITTARIUS: Most important at this time is your self-expression, your level of creativity, the supreme effort of distinguishing yourself from all others. Are you seeking something romantic, or attempting to have children or simply pursuing entertainment, fun, pleasure, well-being and happiness? You can be fun to be around these days as long as you don’t get impatient. You are quick to frustration. Don’t wear red.

CAPRICORN: There is a shift or perhaps an acceleration of your foundation and base of operation. Psychological roots, your childhood, how you were nurtured, how you learned to nurture come into focus. You are fiercely protective of your family and you actively pursue changes in your home. Be very careful of anger, impatience, demands made upon family and loved ones. Make serious plans to play, instead.

AQUARIUS: Notice if thinking accelerates and ideas are racing through your mind. Writing, the news, communication, speech, connections, making contacts, all become supremely important. They have to be quick though or you lose patience and interest. You become more alert, capable of making snap decision, independence of thought a primary need. Realize every other sign is thinking and acting much slower than you. Read the last line of Libra.

PISCES: You will be wondering what is of value to you as there is a simultaneous need to dispose, give away, sell and generally release much of what you considered as materially valuable. You will find yourself with perhaps a suitcase or two and a laptop, nothing else. And you’ll be on your way. This is a significant time for you. Guard your money. Think before spending. Go where you are needed. Time heals.

Risa is Founder & Director of the Esoteric & Astrological Studies & Research Institute, a contemporary Wisdom School studying the Tibetan/Alice Bailey Ancient Wisdom teachings. E-mail her at or visit her Web site at

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