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287(g) Is It Working?

Early one morning in 2008, Jared Gutierrez and his family heard a knock on the door. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents stood outside.


City to hold meetings on Dickson Parking

The city is holding two public meetings about the upcoming implementation of the residential parking program and the paid parking program in the Dickson Street Entertainment District.



Lois Stratton of Fayetteville celebrated her 80th birthday on March 24.

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War Is Not The Answer

On March 19 we passed the seven-year anniversary of the war in Iraq. In some cities there were protest marches, but not in Fayetteville.

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Health Care Reform and Caribou

The health care reform package reminds me of what a very good friend of mine once said about the Alaskan oil pipeline.

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Italy’s Barbera

This week I’m celebrating my next trip to Italy with a look at one of the wines that some of us discovered while traveling there.

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Author and journalist Barbara Nimri Aziz has spent many hours in Iraq, talking to the Iraqi people.

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Market Opens

The Fayetteville Farmers’ Market officially begins its 2010 season April 3.

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Moment Of ‘Poof!’

This guy I met online seemed so perfect when we talked on the phone.


‘Green Zone,’ The Other Iraqi War Movie

“Green Zone” is one depressing movie. It’s well-acted, well-directed and well-written. So what’s the problem?